My Weekend in Pictures (and descriptions)

15 09 2008

It has been a fantastically wonderful weekend here at “The Chap” (yes for those of us that like to name where we live this is indeed “The Chap”). It has been filled with relaxing, cooking, football (if you can call it that) watching, and quality time with my girls. Please enjoy this photographic journey through some of the highlights.

Friday evening I decided to try out a new recipe that I saw on The Today Show website. This recipe was for Chicken Parmigiana. Needless to say I was a little worried about how it might go, but it turned out better than I could possibly have imagined. This picture is not actually of the one I made, unfortunately as I was scarfing down the last bites I realized I didn’t take a pic to blog it. Mrs. M most likely is going to have me make it again this coming weekend so I will snap a real one then so it can be proven that I did indeed make it myself.

Friday evening also brought about the rare opportunity to make cookies. When I say make cookies I mean that they were made completely from scratch, none of this slice and bake nonsense (not that I wouldn’t eat them if you made them, I’m just saying). Mr. J was over for the evening spending time with his goddaughters and Mrs. M and me and he helped me to make the cookies. I believe Mrs. M made the comment something along the lines of “It’s funny that the two of you are in the kitchen baking cookies while I am sitting on the couch drinking beer”. We made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. These happen to be my favorite but no one ever makes them because for some reason all you charlatans seem to think that it is alright to put raisins in oatmeal cookies. Let me assure you that it is not alright to put raisins in ANYTHING!

Saturday gave occasion to spend the day watching football with my two favorite little fans. We did watch the Auburn game and while it did give me mild indigestion at watching something that ended with what could well have been a baseball score (or worse yet hockey or soccer) a win is a win and we will take it. We better get our act together though because next weekend brings LSU and if aren’t on our game we are going to take it another way and I don’t believe it will be pleasant.

Saturday also afforded me the opportunity to enjoy what I might believe to be one of my two favorite brews made by the fine folks at Sam Adams, Octoberfest (it is a dead heat tie with their White Ale). If you haven’t had some yet get thee to a grocery and try it.

Sunday was a wonderful day spent being lazy. Mrs. M and I watched the movie “Smart People” and generally just bummed around with the girls. Daddy and Harper also took an early morning nap and apparently were “camera ninja’ed” by Mommy.

In the afternoon I went to the grocery and got some fresh produce that we needed for the week and when I got home I made pan fried chicken with country gravy, steamed squash, cornbread and fresh sliced tomatos. YUM! Alas, I again forgot to take a picture of the goods (I really gotta work on that).

After supper I was inspired partially by Mr. H’s post about his desire to organize some of his life recently, and partially inspired by Mrs. M saying “when are you going to clean up that d@#& closet?”. And so I did just that I cleaned out and reorganized my closet (and donated some clothes while I was at it).

That pretty much sums up the weekend. It was indeed a great one. Tomorrow the girls go to the pediatrician and we start a new work week. Fun fun for everyone. Have a great week!

(I know its been posted once already but it makes me laugh so why not do it again?)




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15 09 2008

Hey Nick, I happened on your blog. Your little girls are adorable and that last picture made me laugh on this Monday morning. I hope you are doing great. You have a beautiful family.
Amanda ‘Bowen’ Owens

15 09 2008

I completely agree about raisins. Should not be anywhere near anything edible, ever.

The AU game was absurd. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a score like that from a football game. Saturday’s silver lining – Did you happen to see Sarah Palin (Um, I mean Tina Fey) on SNL? I was beside myself.

15 09 2008
Mary Tyler

Organizing, cooking, baking, snuggling…Legel’s a lucky woman. And Lily makes me chuckle in that picture….looks like she’s making Harp chuckle too 🙂

15 09 2008

Damn good cookies !!

16 09 2008

I just wonder what the girls were thinking in that last picture!?That is one for the ages.MT”S Mom

16 09 2008 »

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16 09 2008

Amen! Raisins should banned from anything that is not trail mix! And I believe Grandma Mielke (our grandma not grandma von) makes the best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies EVER! Perhaps you and Mr. J should send me some of your to try!!!!

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