4 09 2008

Okay, so watching the RNC just now and Rudy Giuliani said that because during the DNC last week they rarely  mentioned 9-11 that the Democrats are in denial about the biggest problem facing this country. I don’t even know what that means.

Anyone? Bueller, Fry…?




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4 09 2008

I think it is hilarious that Rudy would say that being that the GOP hasn’t mentioned ANY serious issues currently facing our country.

4 09 2008

My favorite line from his speech, “hope is not a strategy.” I am thinking about making that my new Blog headline. 🙂

4 09 2008

Well…all they have is 9-11. They have hung their hat on it for 7 long years and will continue to do so….It was a HORRIBLE time in our history no doubt about it but at what point to do we decide to move on and work towards the greater good for the whole country. 9-11 changed us in ways no one could have imagined 7 years ago… but how long will one group (the dems) allow the Republicans to call us unpatriotic ? It makes me sick

5 09 2008

Amen Jason. Why should we continously focus on the pain and sheer tragedy of the day (the years and decisions that have followed), rather than the lessons we have learned from our mistakes? Moving on from the pain doesnt make us unpatriotic. We will never forget either. But we won’t use it as our platform either.

6 09 2008

for those who relish in foolish catchphrases and enjoy denigrating the other party’s strategy of hope and change, i implore you to look past the vitriolic rhetoric spewed out by the failed talking heads of the Republican party and read this…

i could care less at this point if it changes minds (as i feel most of us have our minds made up), but for God’s sake, quit buying into the outright LIE that Obama “has no plan” and educate yourself.

8 09 2008

rudy has turned out to be quite the party hack. might as well have had jay love up there! have you noticed the addition to jay’s signs around here? “lower gas prices, drill now!”

9 09 2008

@ Brian, those signs are hilarious. Either Jay Love is mildly retarded (you never go full retard) or he thinks/knows that most voters in Montgomery are. Fail.

10 09 2008

Seriously ? No new blog ??

12 09 2008

I was trying to be patient and not say anything, but, I’m with Jason. Seriously? No new blog??

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