Did It Just Get Weird In Here?

3 09 2008

Just a little bit?

So I’ve been watching the Republican Convention this week (or at least the part of it that has not been preempted by some of the MOST pointless and redundant hurricane coverage I think there has ever been) and I have to say I have made several observations, which I will share now (and try my best not to taint them with my “Liberal Goo”)

-Tonight GWB spoke to the convention and there seemed to be something a little off in his delivery, something slightly intangible that seemed to keep him from connecting with the crowd. Oh yeah, that’s right! HE WASN’T THERE! He spoke ‘live via satellite’ (although I’m not entirely convinced it wasn’t taped). With no one in the background or on camera with him (just him, his ears, and a podium that appeared to be out in the ellipse where they park the cars) and with no one on the platform in St. Paul it gave the whole thing a very ‘hands off’ kind of feel. I mean the commentators on MSNBC didn’t even realize he had started giving his speech and were still talking over him at first. It just seemed to demonstrate pretty clearly that the McCain/Palin juggernaut was trying to dodge getting painted with Bush 3rd term. The storm helped them out last night because it kept him and “The Penguin” at bay, but tonight just seemed forced and akward. 

-Has anyone noticed that every pundit/reporter/talking head who has reported from the floor of the Republican Convention has done so in either a normal speaking voice or at times in more hushed tones so as not to speak too loud and interrupt whomever is on the dais at that moment? I mean at the DNC people were screaming into their mics trying to be heard over the raucous excitement and palpable buzz of energy. The RNC seems very much like a formality where people clap because it is polite and stand when they are supposed to. Two vastly different conventions powered by two remarkably different energies. 

-Oh, Fred Thompson hasn’t a new season of Law and Order started up yet? As one commentator on MSNBC stated “he grabbed on to the third rail tonight, that being abortion”. Here’s my thing and I’m going to try my best to not turn this into a war of any kind. But it really bothers me that the pro-choice position held by myself and many of the Democratic persuasion can be spoken of in a manner that basically paints us as wanting, nay, eager and willing to see an abortion performed. Like we are all out hunting for people who are in a bad situation with a pregnancy and we are going to try and sell them like a car salesman on our evil ways. I firmly believe the vast majority of people who hold the pro-choice position would not encourage anyone, choose for themselves, or wish for anyone to have an abortion, but they do recognize that it is not up to them (i.e. the government) to make that choice for someone else. I should move on.

-Does anyone else think Chris Matthews hair is beyond ridiculous? I mean first of all John Daly called and wants his mop back, and Country Time shares took a hit due to the recent shortage of lemons because they were all squeezed into his hair on a recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Time for a grown up cut, Chris.

– I’ve noticed that both yesterday and today they said the pledge of allegiance at the RNC. I wonder how long its going to be before it is brought up that we didn’t see that same thing covered at the DNC. I mean we already aren’t proud to be Americans, and we don’t wear flag pins (because they clash with our outfits or something I think). I am sure this is next. 

-Joe Lieberman…Oh Joe, what are you doing? Has anyone else noticed that Joe kind of favors Falcor from “The Neverending Story”?


Okay so a little of my Dem showed, but I tried to keep it mostly clean. That’s all for now. Two posts in two days its almost like I am on a roll except now I’ll probably disappear for a month.




11 responses

3 09 2008

ah, abortion. my favorite little subject.

as Americans, we don’t regulate religion, we don’t regulate who one chooses as a partner, and we don’t regulate (i think) patriotism.

but the Rethuglicans (i’ll get in trouble for that one, but you must understand, i’m speaking of a certain set of that lean), want to regulate what half (?) of the American population can and can’t do with their bodies. and this Ugly Stick that we as pro-Choicers get painted with as “Pro-Abortion,” as if (like you said) we relish every time an unwanted pregnancy is terminated makes me want to puke.

its incredulous that a woman who has been raped or molested by a family member could be impregnated and not have the choice to not carry out the term. this is the stance championed by the Rethuglicans that scream the loudest: no choice, even if the mother-to-be was forced, unwillingly, into a sexual circumstance. this is what McCain stands for, its what Palin stands for, and its what the White House will stand for if those two clowns make it into office.

those around the blogosphere who also champion the cause of smaller government confuse me when they are also up in arms and screaming “Hallelujah!” when McCain and Palin speak about their anti-Choice stance. wait: you want a smaller, less intrusive government, but you’re ok with it telling a woman how to live with her body? hm… conundrum…

why am i not in bed?

3 09 2008

I dont know how I can follow what Luke said but here goes ….
I watched much of the RNC last night and was amazed at how CRAZY Fred Thompson appeared to be ….I mean a few years ago when Howard Dean went around the bend while screaming and yelling the news folks went nuts on him but yesterday we saw virtually the same thing with Sen Thompson and nothing!!
How can we continue with Republicans for four more years ?
How ?

3 09 2008

Wow. He does look like Falcor. Crazy.

So, I didn’t stay up to watch Falcor cause it comes on an hour later here and I’s gots to get up in the morning. But did it bother anybody else that during every applause break in Fred Thompson’s speech he would clear his throat into the microphone?

He would go: “And that’s why the democrats are pansies, cough, arhm, uhh, grovel, grovel.” Trivial, I know, but the 1995 Alabama Independent School State Speech and Rhetoric Champion in me bristled every time I heard that.

3 09 2008

Have any of you seen the commercial with Obama and McCain about abortion? The one where the moderator asks each at what point they would consider a fetus a human being? Obama answered that the answer to that question was above his pay grade and McCain simply answered “at conception.” At least he makes a stand and says what he feels and believes rather than dodging the question. Also, did you know that all human organs needed to survive are in place within the first 8 weeks? Did you know a heartbeat can be detected at 6 weeks?

Whether a woman was unwillingly forced into a sexual situation or just made a bad judgment call isn’t the issue. The issue is that the baby living inside her had no say in whether or not he/she was conceived and by allowing abortion for such reasons is taking away their say in whether or not they get to live. God has a purpose for everything that happens. There are plenty of barren couples out there willing and waiting to adopt a child that has been given up. How could you not see that as a better option/solution?

There’s my lone Republican response. Let the flogging begin….

4 09 2008

i am Rambo to Lane Davis’ James Bond. i’m keeping my mouth shut.

4 09 2008

Good idea Luke ….this time !

4 09 2008

Did it just get weird in here….? Oh…

I like my politics shaken, not stirred.

Speaking politically, not morally, here, I agree that the abortion issue is a huge conundrum for conservatives. But, on the other hand, and to give Repubs a nod, the issue illustrates just how good they have been in the past two or three decades in being a big tent party. If the democrats had been half as successful the last eight years would have looked very different.

4 09 2008

I would like to state for the record that there is a difference in being “pro choice” and “pro abortion.” It isn’t like there are many people out there running around “in favor of abortion.” There are, however, a number of people who are “in favor of a woman having a right to CHOOSE.”

@Bean : Obama’s answer about being above his pay grade was not dodging any answer… it was acknowledging that the answer to “when does life begin” is far greater than his capacity to comprehend…as in only God can have that answer… above his pay grade… like not in his job description as President to define when life begins…i think it was a smart answer but of course when taken out of context or misunderstood opens all cans of worms.

4 09 2008

Nice argument but I really don’t think he was intending that answer to be only God’s answer otherwise he would have actually clarified that so that it couldn’t be taken out of context. And I do understand the difference between pro choice and pro abortion. I’m not saying all who are pro choice are running around looking for abortion. I am saying that it’s like a lot of things. For example marriage. It’s a commitment made for life. If you allow yourself to see the option of getting out when it gets hard or tough (and I’m not talking about abuse) then that’s the “easy” answer. If you don’t allow yourself that option then you are 10xs more like to stick with it because you know there isn’t another option. You deal with the problem at hand and figure out a solution.

4 09 2008

i don’t think anyone is taking that out of context except that ones that deem it “helpful” to do so.

4 09 2008

i also can’t type, apparently.

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