Sunday Evening Ramblings

1 09 2008

You might wonder why a picture of Nilla Wafers, but I say ‘why not’? Plus I am eating them right now and they are MAGNIFICENT. 

**A Warning Up Front** This post is surely to be filled but nothing but the most banality filled drivel of whatever happens to pop into my head this quiet Sunday evening.

+Quiet- sort of a foreign concept around our house these days. The girls have gone down (at least until about 10 p.m.–it is currently 10 of 9) and are sleeping well so Mrs. M and I are using this time to read/blog/watch Gustav footage (muted of course) on MSNBC. Its nice to have quiet sometimes.

+Gustav-I had about 10 seconds of a phone conversation with a friend today (interrupted by vomiting baby) who jokingly asked “Why does God hate New Orleans?” Well I didn’t have a chance to respond to him before my attention was needed elsewhere but if I had I would have said it was because of the beignets. I think God hates the fact that the people of New Orleans in all of their “we’re French, but we’re not really” confusion think that they are special and don’t realize the rest of the world just calls those little things a donut/funnel cake.

+I cut my own grass yesterday. Now, now I am not looking for accolades of any kid. I am simply stating that due to recent rain patterns and hospital visits I have gone about 3 cycles too many without doing the grass duties and thus have had to contract the work out to someone who has bigger equipment than I (all you dudes who just snickered at that can keep your “bigger equipment” jokes to yourselves). It was VERY tall yesterday when I got to it but I managed to slog through and the most relief that I get from this is that I was able to do it before we get Gustav’ed with rain. 

+Sarah Palin. Have you guys heard that she’s been tapped to be John McCain’s VP? What an expected choice! I’m sure no one will even write about it or hardly take notice. I’m surprised they didn’t choose someone who would have stirred the pot a little more. Go figure.

+While I have been no fan of the current Presidential administration (along with about 60-70% of the general population) I do have to say I am jealous of someone. A close friend of ours was in town this weekend and told us about their new upcoming job. I don’t want to give away too much or incriminate them (if I see you in person we can talk about this) but let’s just suffice it to say that this person is going to be working in THE WHITE HOUSE!! Are you freaking kidding me? How great is that. Congrats to you person whom I shall not name on the internets.

+Work is about to get crazy-go-nuts busy and I am going to have to be gone from home some. I am worried about Mrs. M and the little M’s for the simple fact that taking care of one baby is a lot, taking care of two at one time is well…both hands full. I know that this is a team effort and I don’t want Mrs. M to turn full-on Zombie (no Luke you cannot hunt her if she does) from the lack of breaks and sleep at night time without me to share the load. I know it will all work out and she is far more of a Superwoman/Ubermom than any of us know. 

+I think I’ve reached my maximum effectiveness on blogging for t’night. So I say ‘good day sir’. I said “GOOD DAY SIR!!” 

How come no one takes me seriously when I say “good day sir?”




4 responses

1 09 2008

Cause you are a dork ….thats why !! Was that question meant for anyone to answer ??

1 09 2008

So can we refer to the girls as the M&Ms? Cause thats just cute.

2 09 2008

because it is just a little bit about shareef

2 09 2008
Mary Tyler

cause your last name isn’t Concannon….

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