I Stink at Blogging

25 09 2008

(this picture has no meaning other than when I did a Google image search for ‘bad blogger’ this is what it brought back)

Seriously. I really do. Anyone have any suggestions?


My Weekend in Pictures (and descriptions)

15 09 2008

It has been a fantastically wonderful weekend here at “The Chap” (yes for those of us that like to name where we live this is indeed “The Chap”). It has been filled with relaxing, cooking, football (if you can call it that) watching, and quality time with my girls. Please enjoy this photographic journey through some of the highlights.

Friday evening I decided to try out a new recipe that I saw on The Today Show website. This recipe was for Chicken Parmigiana. Needless to say I was a little worried about how it might go, but it turned out better than I could possibly have imagined. This picture is not actually of the one I made, unfortunately as I was scarfing down the last bites I realized I didn’t take a pic to blog it. Mrs. M most likely is going to have me make it again this coming weekend so I will snap a real one then so it can be proven that I did indeed make it myself.

Friday evening also brought about the rare opportunity to make cookies. When I say make cookies I mean that they were made completely from scratch, none of this slice and bake nonsense (not that I wouldn’t eat them if you made them, I’m just saying). Mr. J was over for the evening spending time with his goddaughters and Mrs. M and me and he helped me to make the cookies. I believe Mrs. M made the comment something along the lines of “It’s funny that the two of you are in the kitchen baking cookies while I am sitting on the couch drinking beer”. We made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. These happen to be my favorite but no one ever makes them because for some reason all you charlatans seem to think that it is alright to put raisins in oatmeal cookies. Let me assure you that it is not alright to put raisins in ANYTHING!

Saturday gave occasion to spend the day watching football with my two favorite little fans. We did watch the Auburn game and while it did give me mild indigestion at watching something that ended with what could well have been a baseball score (or worse yet hockey or soccer) a win is a win and we will take it. We better get our act together though because next weekend brings LSU and if aren’t on our game we are going to take it another way and I don’t believe it will be pleasant.

Saturday also afforded me the opportunity to enjoy what I might believe to be one of my two favorite brews made by the fine folks at Sam Adams, Octoberfest (it is a dead heat tie with their White Ale). If you haven’t had some yet get thee to a grocery and try it.

Sunday was a wonderful day spent being lazy. Mrs. M and I watched the movie “Smart People” and generally just bummed around with the girls. Daddy and Harper also took an early morning nap and apparently were “camera ninja’ed” by Mommy.

In the afternoon I went to the grocery and got some fresh produce that we needed for the week and when I got home I made pan fried chicken with country gravy, steamed squash, cornbread and fresh sliced tomatos. YUM! Alas, I again forgot to take a picture of the goods (I really gotta work on that).

After supper I was inspired partially by Mr. H’s post about his desire to organize some of his life recently, and partially inspired by Mrs. M saying “when are you going to clean up that d@#& closet?”. And so I did just that I cleaned out and reorganized my closet (and donated some clothes while I was at it).

That pretty much sums up the weekend. It was indeed a great one. Tomorrow the girls go to the pediatrician and we start a new work week. Fun fun for everyone. Have a great week!

(I know its been posted once already but it makes me laugh so why not do it again?)


4 09 2008

Okay, so watching the RNC just now and Rudy Giuliani said that because during the DNC last week they rarely  mentioned 9-11 that the Democrats are in denial about the biggest problem facing this country. I don’t even know what that means.

Anyone? Bueller, Fry…?

Did It Just Get Weird In Here?

3 09 2008

Just a little bit?

So I’ve been watching the Republican Convention this week (or at least the part of it that has not been preempted by some of the MOST pointless and redundant hurricane coverage I think there has ever been) and I have to say I have made several observations, which I will share now (and try my best not to taint them with my “Liberal Goo”)

-Tonight GWB spoke to the convention and there seemed to be something a little off in his delivery, something slightly intangible that seemed to keep him from connecting with the crowd. Oh yeah, that’s right! HE WASN’T THERE! He spoke ‘live via satellite’ (although I’m not entirely convinced it wasn’t taped). With no one in the background or on camera with him (just him, his ears, and a podium that appeared to be out in the ellipse where they park the cars) and with no one on the platform in St. Paul it gave the whole thing a very ‘hands off’ kind of feel. I mean the commentators on MSNBC didn’t even realize he had started giving his speech and were still talking over him at first. It just seemed to demonstrate pretty clearly that the McCain/Palin juggernaut was trying to dodge getting painted with Bush 3rd term. The storm helped them out last night because it kept him and “The Penguin” at bay, but tonight just seemed forced and akward. 

-Has anyone noticed that every pundit/reporter/talking head who has reported from the floor of the Republican Convention has done so in either a normal speaking voice or at times in more hushed tones so as not to speak too loud and interrupt whomever is on the dais at that moment? I mean at the DNC people were screaming into their mics trying to be heard over the raucous excitement and palpable buzz of energy. The RNC seems very much like a formality where people clap because it is polite and stand when they are supposed to. Two vastly different conventions powered by two remarkably different energies. 

-Oh, Fred Thompson hasn’t a new season of Law and Order started up yet? As one commentator on MSNBC stated “he grabbed on to the third rail tonight, that being abortion”. Here’s my thing and I’m going to try my best to not turn this into a war of any kind. But it really bothers me that the pro-choice position held by myself and many of the Democratic persuasion can be spoken of in a manner that basically paints us as wanting, nay, eager and willing to see an abortion performed. Like we are all out hunting for people who are in a bad situation with a pregnancy and we are going to try and sell them like a car salesman on our evil ways. I firmly believe the vast majority of people who hold the pro-choice position would not encourage anyone, choose for themselves, or wish for anyone to have an abortion, but they do recognize that it is not up to them (i.e. the government) to make that choice for someone else. I should move on.

-Does anyone else think Chris Matthews hair is beyond ridiculous? I mean first of all John Daly called and wants his mop back, and Country Time shares took a hit due to the recent shortage of lemons because they were all squeezed into his hair on a recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Time for a grown up cut, Chris.

– I’ve noticed that both yesterday and today they said the pledge of allegiance at the RNC. I wonder how long its going to be before it is brought up that we didn’t see that same thing covered at the DNC. I mean we already aren’t proud to be Americans, and we don’t wear flag pins (because they clash with our outfits or something I think). I am sure this is next. 

-Joe Lieberman…Oh Joe, what are you doing? Has anyone else noticed that Joe kind of favors Falcor from “The Neverending Story”?


Okay so a little of my Dem showed, but I tried to keep it mostly clean. That’s all for now. Two posts in two days its almost like I am on a roll except now I’ll probably disappear for a month.

Sunday Evening Ramblings

1 09 2008

You might wonder why a picture of Nilla Wafers, but I say ‘why not’? Plus I am eating them right now and they are MAGNIFICENT. 

**A Warning Up Front** This post is surely to be filled but nothing but the most banality filled drivel of whatever happens to pop into my head this quiet Sunday evening.

+Quiet- sort of a foreign concept around our house these days. The girls have gone down (at least until about 10 p.m.–it is currently 10 of 9) and are sleeping well so Mrs. M and I are using this time to read/blog/watch Gustav footage (muted of course) on MSNBC. Its nice to have quiet sometimes.

+Gustav-I had about 10 seconds of a phone conversation with a friend today (interrupted by vomiting baby) who jokingly asked “Why does God hate New Orleans?” Well I didn’t have a chance to respond to him before my attention was needed elsewhere but if I had I would have said it was because of the beignets. I think God hates the fact that the people of New Orleans in all of their “we’re French, but we’re not really” confusion think that they are special and don’t realize the rest of the world just calls those little things a donut/funnel cake.

+I cut my own grass yesterday. Now, now I am not looking for accolades of any kid. I am simply stating that due to recent rain patterns and hospital visits I have gone about 3 cycles too many without doing the grass duties and thus have had to contract the work out to someone who has bigger equipment than I (all you dudes who just snickered at that can keep your “bigger equipment” jokes to yourselves). It was VERY tall yesterday when I got to it but I managed to slog through and the most relief that I get from this is that I was able to do it before we get Gustav’ed with rain. 

+Sarah Palin. Have you guys heard that she’s been tapped to be John McCain’s VP? What an expected choice! I’m sure no one will even write about it or hardly take notice. I’m surprised they didn’t choose someone who would have stirred the pot a little more. Go figure.

+While I have been no fan of the current Presidential administration (along with about 60-70% of the general population) I do have to say I am jealous of someone. A close friend of ours was in town this weekend and told us about their new upcoming job. I don’t want to give away too much or incriminate them (if I see you in person we can talk about this) but let’s just suffice it to say that this person is going to be working in THE WHITE HOUSE!! Are you freaking kidding me? How great is that. Congrats to you person whom I shall not name on the internets.

+Work is about to get crazy-go-nuts busy and I am going to have to be gone from home some. I am worried about Mrs. M and the little M’s for the simple fact that taking care of one baby is a lot, taking care of two at one time is well…both hands full. I know that this is a team effort and I don’t want Mrs. M to turn full-on Zombie (no Luke you cannot hunt her if she does) from the lack of breaks and sleep at night time without me to share the load. I know it will all work out and she is far more of a Superwoman/Ubermom than any of us know. 

+I think I’ve reached my maximum effectiveness on blogging for t’night. So I say ‘good day sir’. I said “GOOD DAY SIR!!” 

How come no one takes me seriously when I say “good day sir?”