Sweet Holy Mother of Goodness!!

27 08 2008

**Reposted because when I posted it last night I actually ended making a new page instead of a new post. Enjoy!!

So lately (as in the last 3-4 days) at the “Casa de More Than One Baby At a Time” we have been experiencing a shift in relative baby cute’a’tude. We have had babies that want to eat a lot, want to scream and cry a lot, and just about the time you think they are down and ready to rest they want to do it all over again…A LOT!! Thinking that maybe we’ve stumbled upon a double case of baby reflux or something similar, Mrs. M got in touch this evening with the nurse at the Little Kiddie Doc’s Office. After a lengthy explanation of the symptoms and other goings on she received the following diagnosis from the nurse “I know you don’t want to hear this but it all sounds pretty normal”. Basically they are at the point in their actual newborn stage where they are starting to wake up, and be harder to appease. Tonight I made a desperate run to Target and Wal-Mart to investigate such proven (rumored) success stories as ‘baby swings’ and ‘noise machines’. I’ve learned two things in this chase. First of all I learned that the baby swing has changed dramastically from the time myself and my siblings were children. Tell me if you remember this one. The baby swing was the thing that had the crank at the top (which couldn’t have been any louder if it was attached to the front of an early Ford sedan) and you cranked it up to its stopping point in which the mechanism inside caused the swing to sway back and forth. The gamble for the parents was to catch the swing before it stopped all the way and thus risk an awakened baby who would scream to high heaven, but at the same time had to re-crank the swing and hope they slept through the noise. Swings now require batteries, 20 minutes of assembly, and a small loan from the bank. Anyhow, I bought one, put it together and at press time we have not yet tried it out.

The second and MOST IMPORTANT thing I learned tonight (that I sort of already knew thanks to Asher and Silas’ parents) was that ‘white noise’ for babies is the magic-ticket-jackpot of awesomeness. I was unable in my search to find a sound machine to put in the baby girls room so I came home without. It did, however, occur to me once I arrived home that if I put the receiver end of the baby monitor in their room and turn off the send half it creates static/white noise. Oh GREAT glorious staticy white noise. My children have slept from 9:00 p.m. to now (10 ’til 11)…you think its not much but try non-stop screaming babies it really feels like it has been all night. They hardly wanted to wake up to eat!! This is an amazingly good temporary fix until I find a proper sound machine (which I will be doing straight away tomorrow.

In the mean time I hope you all sleep soundly tonight. It is my hope that Mrs. M and I will be doing the same.




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28 08 2008

We never tried white noise. The way this one insides acting though we may be doing that in the near future! HOPE YOU SLEPT WELL!!!

29 08 2008

Hey Nick…check Office Depot for the Noise Machine and I when I remember where I think I really saw it, I will let you know! Good Luck…you and Mrs. M are in my prayers.

It may have been Storkland…imagine that!

29 08 2008

A friend of mine used the static from the baby monitor for her baby the whole time … what I don’t understand is why almost everybody I know uses a sound machine, yet they are so stinking hard to find. Let’s go into the sound machine business, Nick.

30 08 2008

Nick–baby carrier on the dryer use to work for Andy and MT!!!

1 09 2008
John M.

Beautiful engineering my friend a man among men. I now dub the Macguyver Mielke

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