A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the X-Games…

20 08 2008

…the BMX Supercross team got lost and wound up at the Olympics. Tonight as I continued my viewing of these Olympic games I was surprised to learn that one of the newer events in this years games is that of BMX Supercross. I don’t know what the decision making process for inclusion was on this one but it (in my opinion) is certainly not a sport that I would consider worthy of Olympic stature. Anybody else?

**Editor’s Note After the Fact: Seriously? We are letting go of Olympic baseball and softball after this year and we are replacing it with BMX biking? I think I saw this when I used to play “Paperboy” on my old 8-Bit Nintendo.




4 responses

20 08 2008

i heard on the Today show that it was added to entice younger generations to tune into Olympics

20 08 2008

I still can’t believe we don’t have American Football in the Olympics. That seems like a sure fire ratings getter to me.

22 08 2008

Hey, I am just waiting on them to add Playstation or Wii as an Olympic event! WILD!

24 08 2008

I read in the USAToday that one of the main reasons for dropping them is because they seem “too American”

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