And the Winner Is…

6 08 2008

So I’ve been dragging my feet just a little bit in getting my summary post of the “Crazy Go Nuts University Chicken O’Rama Thing Challenge Fun Run Race for the Cure…Pro Am”. But none the less here goes:

We will do this “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger” style. First of all we will get the Wags of Fingers out of the way so as not to sour the rest of the post. A HUGE Wag of my finger (I’ll let you guess which one) goes out to the following people for not even attempting the challenge: Mac Boy, New Car, and ‘Lil Sis. You all should be ashamed and spend the next 2 days cleaning the crisper drawer in your fridge with your tongue.

Moving on…

Tips of the Hat

First of all to JMG

J’s entry into the competition was fairly standard. He did change from saffron rice to brown as a means of reducing the sodium content of the meal (an admirably health conscious move). The addition of a green salad with fresh tomatoes gave the meal a little more color on the plate, and the watermelon dessert was a great summer time treat that was sure to have been very enjoyable.

Secondly we have Hooks

The “Traveling Gourmand” wowed us all by making a major shift in recipe by replacing the chicken breasts with some fish (she believes it to have been Cod). A gutsy move that certainly appears to have paid off. While living in the land of “not everything is readily accessible” she still managed to create a delicious looking dish that was clearly a hit with the gentlemen of her workplace.

Our Third entrant was Malerie Varlowe

Varlowe’s creativity showed in several areas of her dish. The first place we see derivation was in the creation of a “pastey rub” instead of marinating the chicken. This dish was also served on brown rice with a side of salsa for dipping and such. The final element of the dish, that took me a little getting used to, was that of roasted green beans. I didn’t think the two fit together, but the more I thought about it the more I am sure it was a great compliment to the meal. She also mentioned cerveza which scores points in my book any time!

Lastly but not leastly we have Mr. H

Mr. H’s dish was the first to be prepared (before there even was a contest), and Mr. H also gets credit for the creation of the official name of the dish “New Papi’s Hat Dance in Your Mouth Chicken”. The only dish to be served on a dark colored plate (very inclusive) Mr. H also went in a more traditional direction as far as the side dish goes. He served BlackBeans (again with the inclusion) with some melted white (it was bound to happen) cheese on top. Mr. H’s dish was also the only one served on a square plate (very ‘modern art’ of him).

All in all every dish was a smashing success. I have not heard stories of anyone’s demise as a result of eating NPHDIYMC. So as we come to the end of the review and you salivate greatly at who is the winner we will do the original ending and the “Upwards Basketball” ending.

Original Ending:

The winner is………HOOKS! The Hong Kong Queen of Cuisine  used her imagination and not only put a unique spin on the dish but managed to overcome things like language barriers and communism in order to create a great plate.

“Upwards Basketball” Ending:

The winner is………EVERYONE!! Hooray for not having to suffer culinary defeat at the hands of those you know and love. Now we can all continue our lives with our self esteem intact. Weeeee!!




3 responses

7 08 2008

Well …I say congrats to the real winner ! I made a WONDERFUL dish tonight …Pork roast that was sprinkled with garlic powder,cumin and black pepper, browned in a cast iron skillet. Then it was placed in a dish ….sliced onions,sugar and saurkraut were then glazed in the pan and added to the roast. You then place apricot jam on the roast and cook for about 45 minutes …serve with roasted red potatoes and green beans with almonds ….everyone at my house enjoyed it …
and for good measure I think Upwards sucks!!

7 08 2008

You know, it was the overcoming communism thing that was really the hardest part to achieve in my dish, but I’m glad that the efforts were realized. I feel like that really added to the “zest” in my dish. Thank you for the win – glad I’m not grouped in an Upward win! 🙂 (said with the most humble of intentions)

7 08 2008

I agree that the winner should have been Papi’s WW Fish, but I have to say that I think she should have gotten a small wag of the finger for not remembering what kind of fish she used.

Also, I don’t care what everyone else says, I want my Upwards Chicken Challenge trophy.

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