What You’ve Really Been Waiting For…

19 06 2008



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19 06 2008

Oh, Nick! How beautiful Harper and Lily are! They looked like they were whispering little secrets to each other in the first few minutes.

Thank you for sharing this!!

19 06 2008

Of course I remember you. Laura’s blog has been making me cry and happy at the same time for days!!!! And of course you were my favorite. Lane who? 🙂

You were actually the first connection Laurel and I made when we became friends in Nashville. We were both sitting at a meeting and she heard me say I was from the Gump and told me she went to Huntingdon. I asked if she knew you and that is where it all started! People said we both got all googly eyed over each other and fell in love across the conference room table!!! That girl is my soul! We have so many mutual friends and connections it is crazy we never met before.

Nick, I am so proud of your Fatherhood so far. Your little ones are so strong and it is so obvious that strength comes from you and Laura. You are going to be amazing parents and those babies will have an amazing life with you. I have been keeping up on Laura’s blog so keep posting!

Your video is unbelievable. I don’t have sound on my computer but there happened to be an Elton John song on the radio when I was watching it. Couldn’t hold them back!

19 06 2008

AMAZING….I has the honor and pleasure to be there in the hospital the day they were born ….Its been wonderful going to visit them….but until today I really have not cried but MAN OH MAN !!! I am still crying ….JUST BEAUTIFUL !!

19 06 2008
Ms Leslie

SOOOOOOO SWEET! I have 2 eleven week old kittens that are bigger than they are! It’s so amazing to watch them, just like they are telling secrets to each other already, with many to come in the future. You and Laura are going to wonderful parents to them! Let me go wipe my tears!

19 06 2008

Nothing like a Happy Tear Jerker! They are beautiful!

19 06 2008
Mary Tyler S.

Had to bring out the Kleenex’s for Steve this time ;*)

20 06 2008

How sweet! Yay babies! 🙂

20 06 2008

Agree!! This was incredible. I can’t wait to meet them in August! (Did lane tell you we will be around in august?)

21 06 2008

Nick–I watched again and cried again–they are so precious and I know y’all are so proud of them. I just can’t wait to get my hands on those little girls.

21 06 2008
Mary Tyler S.

I’m sorry but I had to re-comment…..

How cute are those belly buttons!!!

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