I Called It

18 06 2008

The Boston Celtics are the “World Champions of the World” in the National Basketball Association. If you remember correctly (and if you don’t you can go here for proof) I predicted this just a few short months ago. When I made this prediction not only did we not know we were having twins but Laura wasn’t even pregnant. I also wasn’t about to leave my job for another opportunity. Crazy how things change over the course of a sports season.

As far as sports go it has been a good week for me (like I had anything to do with it…HA). Tiger won the U.S. Open and the above mentioned Celtics were victorious over the Los Angeles Lakers of Los Angeles. 

COMING TOMORROW: Video footage of the cutest twin baby girls you have EVER seen!!




4 responses

18 06 2008

couldn’t have happened to a classier group of guys. as you know (and as i’ve stated in the past), i’m no fan of basketball, but i’ve always like KG. if anyone deserved an NBA title, it was him, along with the long suffering Paul Pearce.

so its with a muted sense of passing interest that i raise my voice and say, “Go Celtics!”

18 06 2008

Yay for video!

19 06 2008

While I’m super excited about another big Boston win…and especially the huge parade tomorrow that ends up right near my building at Copley… I have to say, I’m more excited for the video! Get a move on!

19 06 2008

you have great powers ….

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