Happy Father’s Day

16 06 2008

To all of you Dads out there I want to first of all wish you a very happy Father’s Day. It’s weird to think that For the last 29 years of my life I have been celebrating this thing called Father’s Day in the sense of getting gifts, cards, and showing my father how much I love him and appreciate him. And then one day BAM I myself am a father. It most certainly is one of the most overwhelming and amazing feelings I have ever experienced in my life. We go to visit the girls multiple times a day and I spend a better portion of that time just staring in awe unsure of what to say, stricken mute by the beauty of the life that God has created and the future that lay ahead of these sweet precious babies. At the very same time I am scared out of my wits at the thought of being a ‘Dad’ and hoping I can come close to being the kind of Dad mine has been to me. 

A good friend of mine left me a message today on Facebook telling me “You get a new holiday now!” While the sentiment is very much appreciated I have to say it is such a privilege to even be a Dad that I think I need to thank Harper and Lily for the honor of being their dad, and for getting the chance to be a part of “Father’s Day”. I don’t really know what else to say. I am a ‘dad’ now and it feels amazing. I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend wherever you are in your life.




One response

16 06 2008

I am so excited to be on the Team Parents with YOU! You will be an amazing Father… you know my reasons for having pretty high Daddy expectations and I have NO doubts you will exceed them all. I love you.

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