What A Week It Has Been

29 06 2008

I have been resting on the laurels of my previous post (I mean come on, what could I possibly have written that would have been more interesting than a video of beautiful baby girls? Nothing, exactly!) but now I am back to write about other things.

I have been off work for the last week as I am transitioning from my old job to my new one. New work stuff starts tomorrow and I am very excited about it. I have enjoyed being off this week. I have gotten to spend lots of time with Mrs. M and the babies which is a vacation in itself. Speaking of the girls…as of last night Lily was 3 lbs. 10 oz. and Harper is 3 lbs. 8 oz. and this morning Lily took her very FIRST feeding from a bottle (like a big girl) and she successfully drank 20 of 27 cc’s on her own and then took the last 7 through her feeding tube. They really are growing at an amazing rate (see the pic above) and we are SO READY for the day when they get to come live at home with us.

Last Saturday I was honored to be present for Silas’ Welcome to the World Party. Not only did I get to be there when Silas was wheeled down to the nursery but I also got to spend some time with my man Asher and it was lots of fun.

This summer is the first summer in 15 years that I have not gone on a mission trip of some sort (some summers I went on more than one). It is a strange and a little bit empty feeling because I love mission work (particularly construction projects) so much that to not get the opportunity to do that is very different for me. I know for sure that I will do much more mission work in the future, but this summer I got to have babies, spend time with my wife, and get a new job instead. Not a bad trade if you ask me!


What You’ve Really Been Waiting For…

19 06 2008

I Called It

18 06 2008

The Boston Celtics are the “World Champions of the World” in the National Basketball Association. If you remember correctly (and if you don’t you can go here for proof) I predicted this just a few short months ago. When I made this prediction not only did we not know we were having twins but Laura wasn’t even pregnant. I also wasn’t about to leave my job for another opportunity. Crazy how things change over the course of a sports season.

As far as sports go it has been a good week for me (like I had anything to do with it…HA). Tiger won the U.S. Open and the above mentioned Celtics were victorious over the Los Angeles Lakers of Los Angeles. 

COMING TOMORROW: Video footage of the cutest twin baby girls you have EVER seen!!

Happy Father’s Day

16 06 2008

To all of you Dads out there I want to first of all wish you a very happy Father’s Day. It’s weird to think that For the last 29 years of my life I have been celebrating this thing called Father’s Day in the sense of getting gifts, cards, and showing my father how much I love him and appreciate him. And then one day BAM I myself am a father. It most certainly is one of the most overwhelming and amazing feelings I have ever experienced in my life. We go to visit the girls multiple times a day and I spend a better portion of that time just staring in awe unsure of what to say, stricken mute by the beauty of the life that God has created and the future that lay ahead of these sweet precious babies. At the very same time I am scared out of my wits at the thought of being a ‘Dad’ and hoping I can come close to being the kind of Dad mine has been to me. 

A good friend of mine left me a message today on Facebook telling me “You get a new holiday now!” While the sentiment is very much appreciated I have to say it is such a privilege to even be a Dad that I think I need to thank Harper and Lily for the honor of being their dad, and for getting the chance to be a part of “Father’s Day”. I don’t really know what else to say. I am a ‘dad’ now and it feels amazing. I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend wherever you are in your life.

Been On Walkabout

6 06 2008

So I know my adoring fans have been voraciously checking this ‘ole blog for new information on the stunningly fabulous life of Mr. M. Well I’m back and ready to give some updates. This post will most likely be nothing more than vanity so if you don’t care to know about some of the more mundane details of my life you can change the channel now. Thanks and enjoy!!

-First of all a REALLY BIG shout out to Mrs. M for being a wonderfully disciplined new mom. Not only is she getting up every three hours (night and day) to pump milk (“you can milk anything with nipples Jack”) for our sweet babies, but she is already 5 pounds lighter than when she first found out she was pregnant. That’s right I’ve married a very fabulous woman!

-I spent the first half of this week at Annual Conference for the AWF Conference. For those of you that have been around the UMC long enough you know basically what this means. It was more fun for me this year that in past years because I was basically there in my new job capacity and it was nice to talk to a lot of my preacher friends from over the years and to talk to new people that I met who are interested in working with me and seeing me do well in this new role.

-I am currently writing this post from the PC in our guest bedroom. I have spent the better part of the last 3 months trying to get our wireless access point to connect to my home network and my Mac. Through sheer luck of doing basics and simple things like uninstall/reinstall I have gotten it to work. A special thanks to LL  (ironically I can’t link to Mr. L at the moment for my PC does not have his blog in my bookmarks and I am too lazy to find the Macbook and look it up) for some late night tech support the other night.

-I played softball last night. I have been playing most of the season and have been enjoying it but have been slow to get my game back as I did not play at all last summer. I have never been a hitting threat in softball but have always played some pretty solid defense (both infield and outfield). Last night was finally the night that I got back into a defensive groove. At the start of the second game I was standing over next to the fence talking to Mrs. M while the other team warmed up when I felt a hard smack directly on the back of my calf only to discover I had taken a line drive throw directly to the back of my leg. It smarted a good bit and I think by the end of the weekend I will have quite the nasty bruise (picture may be forthcoming).

-I am more and more excited all the time about my new job. I can’t wait to get in and hopefully effect some real change in our conference youth ministries. I hope that I can be an asset and not “another in a long line” of people who just are kind of there.


-My sweet baby girls…Harper and Lily are doing SO good right now. They are both over 2 pounds, both on breastmilk, and as the doctors put it the only thing they need to do right now is ‘eat and grow’. The nurse last night did mention that they had some concerns about Lily’s blood pressure but they were still monitoring it and it very well could be nothing more serious than they were using a blood pressure cuff that was too small (ha, go figure).

Well I am off for now…I have a very busy weekend ahead of me. We have company coming for the weekend, Mrs. M’s father is getting remarried tomorrow, and SLI starts at Huntingdon on Sunday and that is something that I am helping to plan and carry out. Hope you all have a GREAT WEEKEND!!