Harper & Lily

23 05 2008

Just a couple of new pics from our visit tonight. These will probably give you a little bit more perspective on how small these sweet babies are. The picture of Lily has her laying on her back and you can see a little bit of the nurses hands on either side of her. Harper is laying on her stomach and has my wedding ring on her hand.






5 responses

23 05 2008
Mary Tyler S.

Lily’s already sleepin like Legel! I love the picture of Harper with your ring….so sweet!

23 05 2008

……as I told you tonight I cannot find words to express myself …God is so amazing and wonderful !!

23 05 2008

They are so beautiful. I am so proud of you and Laura.

24 05 2008

i’m really glad you put these “perspective” pictures up – all i keep hearing is how adorable and tiny they are. now i can agree – absolutly adorable! the one of harper and your ring is precious!

24 05 2008

Hey Nick, there’s a good chance every post from here on will be titled Harper and Lily.

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