In Case You Haven’t Heard

9 05 2008

Mrs. M. (as of Thursday morning) has been put on mandatory bed rest by her doctor. She spent last night (Wednesday) and tonight in the hospital and tomorrow morning we will find out if the remainder of her bed rest will be carried out at home or if the doctor is going to make her stay at the hospital. As I am sure you have guessed already we are voting for HOME. If you are the praying type lift one up for us when you get a chance. Laura is feeling fine and the babies are great, but we are dealing with preeclampsia here so it is something that we definitely have to watch and be concerned about. Right now we are just doing what the doc says and going from there.

More to come when I know something.




6 responses

9 05 2008

as long as Richard doesn’t show up, you’ll be fine.

9 05 2008

Wow, I had not heard that. We will definitely be keeping all four of you in our prayers. Keep us posted.

9 05 2008
Luke's Mom Person

Nick, You and Laura and the Precious Ones are in all my best thoughts and prayers. Will be checking back here compulsively to see how things go.

12 05 2008

Love and Prayers to all

15 05 2008

Any updates?

15 05 2008
Luke's Mom Person

Nick and Laura, Luke just called me from the airport in Detroit, and told me your news. I am in deep prayer for you and your family, and I’m sending out prayer requests to my friends across the country that all your sweet girls do well. I know y’all have a long road ahead of you, and want you to know that I am here for anything at all you need. All my love and prayers, Eleanor.

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