So Much Change

26 05 2008








(Mrs. M & me our for Sushi for the first time in about 8 months)

So I am going to do my best to give you a post that is not entirely Harper & Lily based today (but how could you blame me if they crept in there somewhere, they are SO BEAUTIFUL!!). It has quite literally been a whirlwind last 2-3 weeks. Shortly before Laura first went in the hospital I met with some members of the Alabama-West Florida Conference to discuss a possible vacancy in one of their resource center positions. After the course of about 3 weeks, mixed in the midst of having a wife in the hospital and ultimately becoming the father of beautiful twin girls (see I told you I couldn’t resist), I have now officially been cleared to share with you that come July 1 I will be the Youth and Young Adults Coordinator for the AWF Conference of the UMC. My territory will be everything south of Clanton and part of the panhandle of Florida. For those of you that have spent time in our conference over the last 5 years or so I will be the “new Jeni Lee/Nathan Attwood”.

I am so incredibly excited about this new opportunity and also a little overwhelmed at how large the job is but I am very much looking forward to the challenges. While this is a great move for me, and one I certainly could not resist it is also bittersweet. FUMC Millbrook has been my home for the last 5 years (that is a long time in youth ministry) and has been a wonderful place to work, worship, and grow. My friends and family at FUMC have seen me through so many wonderful life changes (getting married, having babies, etc…). There is so much change that is happening at that church and I will be excited to watch it continue and the good news is now I will still be working for them (and about 700 other churches in the conference).

My last day in Millbrook will be Sunday June 22nd, and I will start at the Conference on July 1. This is a very exciting time for me and I ask those of you that are the praying type to keep FUMC, AWF, and me in your prayers as we all face transitions, new challenges, and change.

Hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day!!


Harper & Lily

23 05 2008

Just a couple of new pics from our visit tonight. These will probably give you a little bit more perspective on how small these sweet babies are. The picture of Lily has her laying on her back and you can see a little bit of the nurses hands on either side of her. Harper is laying on her stomach and has my wedding ring on her hand.



Harper Lily Day #4

20 05 2008

Editors Note: I changed my theme again (not, surprisingly this time, due to my need to change every 6 months or so) because my pictures and some of my posts were not working right with the other.

(Easy Like Sunday Afternoon)

Hey everyone. I hope this post finds all of you doing well and having a great start to the week. After a quick snooze yesterday afternoon I am back to blog on the latest. Things here are going SO well I just can’t say enough how great God is and how much he is blessing us (thank you to all of you who have been praying…keep it up). Laura came home from the hospital yesterday and is doing very well. I am making sure that she isn’t trying to do too much and that she is still resting because she needs to be up to full speed when the girls get home because they will keep both of our hands full. Speaking of those beautiful girls…

…Harper and Lily have now been with us for four full days and it has been nothing but positives from the very beginning. Laura remarked tonight at the NICU, while talking to the nurses, that we have yet to get a bad report. Everything is going so well. Now we know and have heard from many people that this journey with premature babies can often be a “two steps forward, one step back” kind of proposition but we are okay with that. Harper was started on clear liquids today (2 cc’s every 6 hours) if that agrees with her they will go to every 3 hours and continue to work their way towards giving her breast milk that will benefit her growth so very much. Lily is not quite ready for the clear liquids but is well on her way. Both girls are breathing strictly room air and have not had any problems with that. Both girls have spent a little bit of time under the phototherapy light for jaundice but that is nothing new for babies, so really they are just spending mommy and daddy’s money to work on their tan. Hopefully in a few more days we will get a chance to hold those sweet girls.

Here are some more pictures from tonight and a little better shot of what they look like (as they continually remove some of the stuff that blocks our view of their faces)




Heeeeeeere’s Mommy!

19 05 2008


Harper & Lily Day 2

17 05 2008

**Editors note: Dads of newborn baby girls (especially ones that surprise their parents and come early) have lots of phone calls that they have to make/take. If I have not had the chance to talk to you yet it is not because you are not important it is because my brain has had the consistency of instant mashed potatoes for the last two days. I PROMISE I will get to you soon, I’m just trying to get from one thing to the next.

Mama is doing very well today. She is continuing to recover from her surgery and is completely off of all machines (IV’s, BP monitors, etc…) and is even up walking some and getting to the bathroom and chairs on her own. We did have one brief scare this morning about ten minutes after nine, the very first time she tried to get up out of the bed. She blacked out in the bathroom. Fortunately for us she was sitting down already and the nurse and me were both there to help her out. The rest of the day was great and mama was able to see her baby girls for the first time (aside from the split second drive by as they were born).

Speaking of the baby girls…Harper and Lily are both doing wonderful. The neonatologist came and saw us this morning and as he was giving us the update on how they were doing you could tell that he was physically excited to be giving us this report. He used the word “PHENOMENAL” which is never bad when referring to babies who are born this early (they will be 28 weeks tomorrow/Saturday), and he said that for when they were born and all that they have going on if you were to put them on a scale of 1 to 10 they would be a 9!! How about that? Harper is not on any breathing apparatus of any kind she is strictly breathing room air, and Lily is off of her CPAP (the big breathing tube) and is now on the smaller breathing tube hopefully she will be off that as well very soon.

Below are a couple more pictures taken today. Enjoy and please continue to keep Laura, Harper, and Lily in your prayers!



Happy Birthday Harper & Lily

15 05 2008

That’s right! At 8:41 & 8:42 a.m. this morning, Thursday May 15, 2008, Harper Elizabeth Mielke and Lily Martin Mielke were born. Harper was 1 lb. 13 oz. 13 inches long and Lily was 2 lbs. 5 oz. 14.5 inches long. Both girls are already breathing ‘room air’ and are on limited assistance in the NICU but doing very well. Mom is rocovering from her C-Section surgery and will hopefully be home in about 4 days. Dad is a wreck but its a good kind of wreck so no worries. Here they are:

In Case You Haven’t Heard

9 05 2008

Mrs. M. (as of Thursday morning) has been put on mandatory bed rest by her doctor. She spent last night (Wednesday) and tonight in the hospital and tomorrow morning we will find out if the remainder of her bed rest will be carried out at home or if the doctor is going to make her stay at the hospital. As I am sure you have guessed already we are voting for HOME. If you are the praying type lift one up for us when you get a chance. Laura is feeling fine and the babies are great, but we are dealing with preeclampsia here so it is something that we definitely have to watch and be concerned about. Right now we are just doing what the doc says and going from there.

More to come when I know something.