I’m In Some Kind of “Post Block”

28 04 2008

I don’t know what my deal is lately I have lots of things on my mind and that I am wanting to write about but for some reason can’t quite seal the deal. I do have this short tidbit to write tonight and then before the middle of the week comes I will share #2 in “Things That Are Hurting America”. So on to tonight’s thought…

“Barack Obama is a Muslim”

We’ve all heard it said. We know someone who knows someone who knows and thus decided to share by way of email the ‘terrible’ news that a Muslim man is running for President of the United States. I have spent a fairly decent amount of time flying to the defense of the Senator (the candidate whom I believe to be most qualified to bring about real change that this country so desperately needs) and telling everyone who I have heard say in person that he is indeed not a Muslim (parents, youth members, youth parents, friends, etc…). The more I have been thinking about it lately the more I am wanting to respond with and exasperated “SO WHAT?” Being a Muslim does not make one a terrorist any more than being a Christian makes one a member of the KKK. I do not know why so many people use the fact that he might be a Muslim as a strike against him. Members of the Muslim faith are dedicated members of all branches of the U.S. military, government, and other areas of public service. It infuriates me to no end to hear people take a swipe at a man for his faith when not only do they not understand his personal faith, but they don’t understand the personal faith that is not actually his.

So what if he was a Muslim? I would still want to vote for him.




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28 04 2008

Amen to that …..Perhaps we should have a refresher course on the US Constitution!!

28 04 2008

You know what surprises me? How much his race comes up. Doesn’t the fact that we have to keep talking about his race show just how much racism is still a part of our collective thought?

28 04 2008

Amen! It infuriates me to no end when people use his religion, or his race, as a reason not to vote for him. (Or, for the same matter, when people refuse to vote for Clinton simply because she is a woman!) What gets me is that people will put full stock in an email forwarded around their little close-minded circles as absolute truth. “But I got a forward that SAID he’s a terrorist!!” Right, I also got an email about 15 minutes ago that SAID if I didn’t forward it along to 80 of my closest friends I’d die in 16 minutes. Talk to me in two minutes. Geez.

28 04 2008

It is really ridiculous. If it weren’t so tragic it would be kind of hilarious that in a land that prides itself on religious freedom, a man can be lambasted for things that his PASTOR said, AND also for being a Muslim. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Snopes article about this, but it’s really elaborate, and they have even found 2 clips of him saying the pledge of allegiance.


I always send links to Snopes articles with a friendly note in response to email forwards.

28 04 2008

Let’s just pause for a moment and consider the ever-so-important… flag pin! Are you freaking kidding me?! Was Hillary wearing one on her lapel?… no. Did she get asked about it?… no. McCain… no. I think that some small minded (and very wealthy) people are just really scared about what could happen if we voted some one into office that wants to CHANGE things. So we, the voters, get bombarded with trivial issues that are intended to make up our minds for us… ridiculous!

p.s. I’m experiencing “post block” as well (obviously).

28 04 2008
The Bean

I completely agree with all of you that a candidates gender, race, faith, etc. should have no part in a voter’s reasons for voting or not voting. I am not a Barak Obama supporter but not for any of the reasons above. My political and personal views are too different from those of the democratic party in general and therefore I am voting for McCain. The candidate with which I feel my political and moral views and values align more closely.

28 04 2008
The Bean

Sorry for the misspelling. BaraCk Obama. 🙂

28 04 2008

What is crazy to me is not only do you HAVE to be a protestant Christian (JFK notwithstanding) to be elected President, but you have to be a CERTAIN kind of Christian in the appropriate church in the appropriate community with an appropriate pastor. It is crazy absurd considering the purported importance of religious freedom in this country. I understand that it should be part of the discourse if you are going to be elected President, people should know if you are some kind of religious fanatic (cough Huckabee cough) but this has really gone way too far.

29 04 2008

amen, nick. it’s so infuriating to have conversations with people that not only think Obama is a Muslim, but also think that being Muslim is a detriment not only to one’s moral fiber, but also to one’s ability to be an American. I honestly am so upset about this issue that I really don’t know what else to say.

29 04 2008

well poop. everything’s been said already that i could say.


Go Sox!

5 05 2008
Mary Tyler S.

Um Allie is cute and all but..you need to update 🙂

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