So This is Saturday…

12 04 2008

I’m stuck in class ALL DAY (think 9-5) today AND tomorrow. Its rainy and gray outside (perfect weather for spending Saturday morning in bed with the 4 women in my life). And I don’t want to be here. Sounds like I’m up ‘you know what creek’ without a paddle. 

So this budgeting class that I am taking started out with a bang. Long story short we have a “crazy cat lady” for a teacher who spent the entire first weekend talking about budgeting as a PHILOSOPHY (I don’t even know what that means), and we had a crazy student member of the class who had to take time off from the MPA program to go spend time in a mental facility. Then the teacher assigned groups for group projects…yep you guessed it…I got the crazy girl in my group. Two weeks after the first weekend of class I get an email from the other two members of our group and find out they have dropped the class, leaving only crazy and myself. Now I’m really nervous. I get to class this morning and find out that she has also dropped so my group project now is only me. So while everyone else is working in their groups I am sitting here drinking my coffee and writing this blog about how much I don’t want to be here. 

**On a positive note the MPA program at Auburn Montgomery (the one I am in) was ranked number 3 in the country by someone (now for all I know it was like Auburn’s “Golf Digest” football national championship) as was reported by the Montgomery Advertiser.



4 responses

12 04 2008

SUCKS…..I thought I would spend my day relaxing but I am going out to roll grass in the front yard.
SOrry about the crap with the groups

12 04 2008

The four of us would much rather have you here 🙂 However, I am getting some much needed quiet time this morning. My swollen feet are UP and I have gotten well into the book you gave me for Christmas and it is excellent! Love you Jason- glad you didn’t have to do the thing you didn’t want to do! A day at home for you – congrats!

12 04 2008

That so sounds like something that would happen to me.
I had to get up at 6 and help with a YMCA race in the rain. I got a free t-shirt and some powerade out of it though…
Sam and I do the cash envelope system for bugeting. I’d be interested to hear what you learn from your class.

13 04 2008
The Bean

That Sucks! Too bad you can’t come by little brother bean’s and say hi. Although, we still haven’t eaten so we will be here well after 5:00 this evening should you and the misses want to stop by for a bit. We have brownies (extra fudgy ones) and we could play a game. Ever heard of Apples to Apples? HILARIOUS! Call if you can come!

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