I’m In Some Kind of “Post Block”

28 04 2008

I don’t know what my deal is lately I have lots of things on my mind and that I am wanting to write about but for some reason can’t quite seal the deal. I do have this short tidbit to write tonight and then before the middle of the week comes I will share #2 in “Things That Are Hurting America”. So on to tonight’s thought…

“Barack Obama is a Muslim”

We’ve all heard it said. We know someone who knows someone who knows and thus decided to share by way of email the ‘terrible’ news that a Muslim man is running for President of the United States. I have spent a fairly decent amount of time flying to the defense of the Senator (the candidate whom I believe to be most qualified to bring about real change that this country so desperately needs) and telling everyone who I have heard say in person that he is indeed not a Muslim (parents, youth members, youth parents, friends, etc…). The more I have been thinking about it lately the more I am wanting to respond with and exasperated “SO WHAT?” Being a Muslim does not make one a terrorist any more than being a Christian makes one a member of the KKK. I do not know why so many people use the fact that he might be a Muslim as a strike against him. Members of the Muslim faith are dedicated members of all branches of the U.S. military, government, and other areas of public service. It infuriates me to no end to hear people take a swipe at a man for his faith when not only do they not understand his personal faith, but they don’t understand the personal faith that is not actually his.

So what if he was a Muslim? I would still want to vote for him.


She’s a Pro

20 04 2008

All credit for this post idea goes to Mr. H because I know for a fact that he taught Hershey to do this long before there was an Ali Carrie. Enjoy this and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Saturday Redux

19 04 2008

Alright, so I took a week off from posting. Mostly that was because I was so mentally flabbergasted from sitting in that class last weekend. It was mentally taxing to the highest degree (not because it was a challenge either). Moving on.

The weekend has been a great one thus far. My weekends typically start on Thursday afternoon when I get off work. I played softball Thursday night then chowed down on McDonald’s for supper (a rare treat these days) and watched the newest episode of The Office. Friday we got to see Harper and Lily in the latest round of ultrasound pics, spent the day with my mom, sis, niece, bro, and sis-in-law (and later dad too after work), then closed the evening by watching Juno with some dorks that I know. Juno was absolutely hilarious, and I think we are going to try and watch it again before it has to go back to Blockbuster tomorrow. 

As for the rest of the weekend. Tonight we are going down to Cloverdale for Huntingdon College’s annual “Clover Jam”, it is reunion weekend at good ole HC so hopefully we will get to see some people that we know. Tomorrow afternoon I am taking the youth down to the Biscuits game so we will get to enjoy some good time at the “ole ball game”. For now though I am off to enjoy the rest of the morning. Have a great Saturday!!

So This is Saturday…

12 04 2008

I’m stuck in class ALL DAY (think 9-5) today AND tomorrow. Its rainy and gray outside (perfect weather for spending Saturday morning in bed with the 4 women in my life). And I don’t want to be here. Sounds like I’m up ‘you know what creek’ without a paddle. 

So this budgeting class that I am taking started out with a bang. Long story short we have a “crazy cat lady” for a teacher who spent the entire first weekend talking about budgeting as a PHILOSOPHY (I don’t even know what that means), and we had a crazy student member of the class who had to take time off from the MPA program to go spend time in a mental facility. Then the teacher assigned groups for group projects…yep you guessed it…I got the crazy girl in my group. Two weeks after the first weekend of class I get an email from the other two members of our group and find out they have dropped the class, leaving only crazy and myself. Now I’m really nervous. I get to class this morning and find out that she has also dropped so my group project now is only me. So while everyone else is working in their groups I am sitting here drinking my coffee and writing this blog about how much I don’t want to be here. 

**On a positive note the MPA program at Auburn Montgomery (the one I am in) was ranked number 3 in the country by someone (now for all I know it was like Auburn’s “Golf Digest” football national championship) as was reported by the Montgomery Advertiser.

Things That Are Hurting America #1

8 04 2008

Mr. H has recently graced us with his new series The Good Life which extols the virtues of all the things that make this life worth living. Well he got me to thinking about things that I think that are basically the opposite (the Yang to his Yin if you will). So I will now on a semi-regular basis share with you some things that I think are hurting America. My first few attempts at names for this segment were not so good: 1) The Bad Life (much too much like the brilliance of Mr. H that I dare not bathe in), 2) Things That Blow (ummmm a little too crude perhaps), 3) Bad (a little understated)…

…so without further ado, I give you the first installment of “Things That Are Hurting America”

#1-Truck Balls

(Truck balls in action….SHOOOO WEEE!!)

If you don’t live in the south eastern part of the country you might not be aware of this travesty of which I am writing. They are basically plastic or metal moldings of testicles that one hangs off the trailer hitch of a pick up truck (although when researching this post I did find they are also available in a smaller size for those in the motorcycle community). Let me first say, I don’t understand it. I don’t know what possible good could come from having these “truck’sticles” dangling from your vehicle. Perhaps this is designed for farmers who drive out amongst the cattle and want them to feel like they are ‘one of the boys’. Maybe these balls are for those in the “Rocky Mountain Oysters Aficionados” club. I don’t really have a good explanation for this travesty, but I do have to say it helps the rest of the country to be confident in the stereotypes they have of us. This has got to stop. Truck balls are hurting America.

(Gold for the champs, flesh colored for those who crave realism, blue for…well…you know, and silver for those who finished second place in the “I really am that big of a redneck competition”)

Here We Go Again

1 04 2008

So it would appear that I’ve been tagged. Without further ado…

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I have (and it has become more pronounced as I age) claustrophobic tendencies. They come in the standard versions (discomfort in small spaces like caves/elevators) to the slightly more bizarre. Two strange things that make me feel claustrophobic are 1) being tickled, particularly in the armpit area, and 2) brushing my teeth with warm water.

2. I am obsessed with the Tony Kornheiser radio show so much so that I do things like: podcast it every day so I can listen (missing it to me makes me feel like I’ve missed an episode of a TV show because of the inside jokes and stories), make reference to it in regular conversations (problematic because practically no one else knows who he is), and take pictures of children’s story books at one of Laura’s co-workers house to email to the show (you’d rather not hear the story because you kind of have to ‘be there’).

3. I LOVE baseball season and I especially love the Atlanta Braves. I have been a Braves fan since moving to Alabama back in the early 90’s (yes the bad Dale Murphy & Jeff Treadway days). I got fed up with them two years ago and attempted to go back to my childhood loves the St. Louis Cardinals but to no avail. I’m a Braves man through and through.

4. I have recently discovered that I am an overpronator. Now don’t anyone freak out I am pretty sure that I will survive this medical malady that is basically best described as “falling arches”. I am sure this comes from my years of playing basketball and the repetitive pounding motion on the basketball court. It can be rather painful at times but some good insoles should hopefully take care of it.

5. I have more shoes than most men should (according to societal stereotypes). I love shoes and if I had the money I’d probably have more than I do now. Small irony is that the pair of shoes I wear the most are the oldest most ratty pair I have (that’s right kids “old man shoes” also known as Wallabees).

6. This comes as no surprise to anyone but I am obsessed with West Wing. I can quote it (and do on a daily basis usually) and it is my ‘white noise’ that I put on when I go to sleep at night.

7. I love to cook and I often fancy myself a contestant on Top Chef. Food is one of my love languages and I thoroughly enjoy eating, preparing, and sharing it with family, friends, etc…

8. I have always wanted (and still do) to have my own radio show. When I was little I would make my own with my Fisher Price tape recorder and tell stories, and do news, and then play songs on my Fisher Price record player like a real DJ. One of my favorite things about radio shows are the clip buttons where they can play little bites of different movies, dialogue, and more at certain points of the show. My radio show would be a mix of current events, sports, pop culture, music (but really only songs I like), and talking to my friends. No one may listen but I think it would be brilliant.

9. I am at times intimidated by the musical taste of my friends (most of whom are/have been musicians in some form or fashion). I feel like I have a fairly developed sense of musical taste but sometimes I get the feeling my friends think I am an idiot. I am not typically at the forefront of what is ‘new’ ‘edgy’ or ‘artsy’. The good news is my friends opinion of my musical taste do not equal my self worth. I am also jealous of the musical abilities of my friends but I am also comfortable living ‘sloppy at best’ in my musicality.

10. It bothers me a lot when people refuse to participate in the political process. I know that politicians have bad raps (many of them deserved) and that not everyone agrees with everyone else. My problem is when people say “I don’t vote” or “I don’t like any of the candidates so I don’t want to vote”. It is our duty as Americans to vote and I think it is that important. William F. Simon put it best Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don’t vote.” 

I tag no one because someone has to break this vicious cycle.