Abu al Banat

21 03 2008


Since Mr. H posted about West Wing earlier I thought it only appropriate to share the latest news with you my dear blogging friends by relaying a story from one of the episodes of that show that I enjoy so much.

At one point in his career President Bartlett toured Egypt with his family. Every where they went their tour guide would introduce him as Abu al Banat. Men would smile at him sympathetically and shake his hand and sometimes buy him tea. Finally, he asked what Abu al Banat meant and the guide told him that it means “Father of Daughters.

If you wish you may now call me Abu. That’s right kids, Mrs. M and I are having twin GIRLS! We had our ultrasound appointment this morning and found out the great news! We could not be more excited and I know it will be more fun than a barrel of well … anything really.  I am going to have to start coming up with some game plans for bribing them into eloping because the thought of two college educations was one thing but now I am on the hook for a pair of weddings also.

It was a GREAT day!!




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21 03 2008

My dad has a standing offer to me and my sister of $5,000 and a ladder in place of a wedding. 🙂 My sister wasn’t so much one to jump on the offer, but I’m still considering….:)

Congrats on girls! How very exciting!

21 03 2008

I was so excited when I saw the picture on your blog that I skipped everything until I came to the official announcement!! I am so excited for you!
What a wonderful blessing!!!!!!!!!!!
My dad and father in law begged us to take money instead of a wedding, but hey, we decided to take a walk on the wild side, throw caution to the wind and have a traditional wedding celebration!

21 03 2008

Love, it WAS a great day. I am so blessed by your happiness! Either we will try for a son “next time” or we will get that dog you have been wanting… in ten years 🙂 i love you!

21 03 2008

Baby Bean is beside herself about new girl cousins! Now we want to see those telling ultrasound photos!!!

21 03 2008

Yay!!! Congrats Nick. This is so amazing. I am really happy for you guys. Are you going to pick names soon or wait?

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