Walkin’ in Memphis

13 03 2008

Surprisingly I haven’t gotten any snide remarks from anyone on my last post saying something to the effect of “It’s not Friday anymore. Why don’t you change your blog you lazy jerk?”

It is Laura’s Spring Break and we are spending it (it being yesterday through Saturday) in Memphis staying at her sis’ house. We are headed downtown today to hang out and explore and tomorrow we are going to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit the Bill Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.

Maybe more to come later in the trip, otherwise more when I get home.



4 responses

14 03 2008

I think I would rather visit the Wal-Mart in Little Rock rather than the Clinton Library and Museum. πŸ˜‰ Have fun though and take lots of great pictures!

14 03 2008
Mary Tyler

Elect the woman who is willing to do the job…..
Vote Lewinsky in 08!

Have fun and smoke a cigar in the library πŸ™‚

16 03 2008

What’s up with people being haters towards those who like to visit new places… it was a PRESIDENTIAL library/museum! I just don’t understand…

17 03 2008

LMilky, I wasn’t hating as much as teasing. I have actually been to the Nixon Library and they are really cool, interesting places to visit. I am the last to hate on travel or new places. πŸ™‚ Love You!

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