Whats the Haps??

6 03 2008

So as usual someone to whom I am related informed me that I need to write a new post. I know that, you know that, but she is the only one that feels it is important to call me out on it.

I appreciate those of you who contributed to the LJM post from before. To those of you that don’t know I apologize and am not going to bother trying to explain because it is rather pointless. I will however post the following picture as the first “shot across the bow”. I promised escalation if the proper response was not garnered and thus far it looks like ESCALATION IT IS!! Let this first photo serve as a warning to LJM, I am serious and I know people who know people who know how to use Photoshop.


 Other things…
-The Democratic race for a nominee continues to be a hotly contested battle and I am anxiously awaiting the day when we have a nominee and can spend as much time getting ready for the general as the people in the other camp are.
-I found a new really funny blog that I am enjoying reading and thought I would pass along to you. I take no credit for this in any way and I do not know the person who writes it. I just think it is amusing. Without further ado…Stuff White People Like 
  Hope you all have a great weekend! Don’t forget to spring your clocks forward Saturday night before you go to sleep.



4 responses

6 03 2008

WOW ….i feel like someone looking through a peephole!! What big eyes you have !!
So the game is afoot i see ………

6 03 2008


6 03 2008

tee hee 😉

10 03 2008

haha…so i saw Things White People Like on the wordpress homepage (where i’m guessing you got it) and todays post was about The Wire – and it made me laugh because not only am i totally addicted, but i have the box set!!! 🙂

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