The Name Game

24 03 2008


So we are having twin girls. Unless you’ve been on the moon for the last 5 days you know that already. Big time exciting stuff for us here at the ‘Casa de M’! Of course the next logical step for us (besides buying an extension ladder for them to use when they get ready to elope when they are 40 years old) is the selecting of names. Now this is a big deal kind of situation because you are giving them the names that will be with them the rest of their lives (or at least until they are 16 and can change it for themselves. For us there is also the added feeling of already being ‘behind in the count’ if you will because need names that work well with our last name (not the easiest of tasks). The good news is after much thought and a little team deliberation, Mrs M. and I have come up with the names we want to use. Now of course the birth certificates are not signed yet or anything but these names are the ones we are at peace with and are planning to use. I will tell you the names and then I will tell you what I believe to be quite the story that makes them seem that much more natural. Without further ado the names are:

Lily Martin M-Lily is a name that I have liked since we started considering baby names, and Martin is my grandmother’s maiden name-she will go by Lily.

Harper Elizabeth M-Harper is a name that Mrs. M. has liked since we started the baby name game, and Elizabeth was her middle name as well as 5 other generations of her family-she will go by Harper.

Now for what I call the “WOW” part.

As most all of you know, Mrs M. and I got tattoos two years ago. We both got something that we like and felt very strongly about (which works out well because these aren’t the wash off kind). Mrs. M’s tattoo is that of the fleur de lis (you can see hers below):


The fleur de lis is of course the French stylized design of the lily flower. Mrs. M got it because 1) she liked the look of it, 2) she read some symbolic stories pertaining to both Eve and Mary Magdalene and their connection to the lily, and 3) she really hopes that someday soon the Saints will make it to the Super Bowl (okay the last one was SO not true). But the irony when she got the tattoo is that 2 years ago when she got it neither of us had ever even considered that we might end up naming one of our children Lily. I should also add that the selection of the name Lily had nothing to do with Mrs. M’s tattoo in fact we really didn’t even think about it until after the fact.

My tattoo is that of the ‘Lion Rampant’. Most notably seen on the Scottish flag, the lion rampant is a lion that is reared on its hind feeet with its front paws out in an almost boxer like pose (as seen below):


My reasons for wanting the lion rampant tattoo were 1) being half Scottish in heritage, 2) I have always liked the God/Lion symbolism and wanted a symbol of God watching over my back, and 3) I have always liked a nice cold Löwenbräu (okay again the third one was not really a factor).

So here’s where the story gets crazier. This afternoon I was online and decided to do a Google image search on the name Harper just to see what would come up (and also in consideration of future tattoos pertaining to my children). Low and behold what was one of the first things to come up but this


The family crest of the Harper family has none other than a LION RAMPANT square in the middle of it. Again when I got this tattoo 2 years ago I never once even considered that I might have a child named Harper and yet look how wonderfully things turned out.

So in summation Mrs M and I both have a tattoo that has a direct correlation to the names of our soon to be born children and at the time we got them there was no possible connection, and in the naming process the tattoos were again not a factor. How’s that for self-fulfilling prophecy?


Nacho Typical Easter Lunch

23 03 2008


Here’s wishing all of you a very wonderful Easter!

Abu al Banat

21 03 2008


Since Mr. H posted about West Wing earlier I thought it only appropriate to share the latest news with you my dear blogging friends by relaying a story from one of the episodes of that show that I enjoy so much.

At one point in his career President Bartlett toured Egypt with his family. Every where they went their tour guide would introduce him as Abu al Banat. Men would smile at him sympathetically and shake his hand and sometimes buy him tea. Finally, he asked what Abu al Banat meant and the guide told him that it means “Father of Daughters.

If you wish you may now call me Abu. That’s right kids, Mrs. M and I are having twin GIRLS! We had our ultrasound appointment this morning and found out the great news! We could not be more excited and I know it will be more fun than a barrel of well … anything really.  I am going to have to start coming up with some game plans for bribing them into eloping because the thought of two college educations was one thing but now I am on the hook for a pair of weddings also.

It was a GREAT day!!

Us at the Clinton Center

18 03 2008

Just a little video tease from our trip to Memphis last week. Enjoy and be sure to read the post below this one for more info and pics from the trip.

Fun on the Delta

18 03 2008

I’ve clearly been out of pocket for the last few days and I have to say I’m not sorry about that. We spent the better portion of Mrs. M’s spring break in Memphis, TN staying with her sister and enjoying the area. Below are some pics and commentary from our trip. Enjoy!


Above is Mrs. M and me and the two future M’s (M&M’s if you will) at the entrance to Beale Street

Mr. J and me trying on hats at A. Schwab on Beale Street (I may have a scalp disease now).
Sun Studio (a.k.a. Memphis Recording Service)…the birthplace of Rock and Roll
They had a full scale replica of the Oval Office. If I could have sat behind The Resolute Desk I might have floated from Little Rock back to Memphis on a cloud of my own joy!
The obligatory self-portrait…it’s ‘how we roll’.
and finally…
The hamburger above is from a little place on Beale Street called Dyer’s. If you have not heard of Dyer’s you are missing out on one of the great experiences of life. Full credit (on the behalf of full disclosure) goes to Malerie P. Varlowe for turning us onto this little gem. Dyer’s makes hamburgers, obviously, but here’s the thing…they are deep fried in grease (wait wait…it gets better). The grease that they are fried in is the same grease that they have been using since 1912. For those of you that need a frame of reference that is the same year that the Titanic Sank. Now in their defense they strain the grease every night and add back to its level so the chances that any 1912 is still left in there is slim but the point is they have never thrown it out and started over. Oh yeah, and the burger…THE MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER EATEN!! I’m sure it took 10 years off my life but it was worth EVERY BITE!! (Watch this video if you dare)

Some other highlights from the trip:
Eating at Bosco’s (actually the eating was not the best part of this enjoying the microbrews that they create onsite was the best part)
Going to The Flying Saucer. We went to the one in Memphis and also the one in Little Rock. I believe that if Dyer’s and The Flying Saucer were next door to one another I might have to move in.
Enjoying a Jack Daniels Single Barrel at the bar in the Peabody Hotel

(so my ‘other things’ category included all things that revolve around adult beverages but what can I say it was fun and a good time was had by all).

That’s it for now!

Walkin’ in Memphis

13 03 2008

Surprisingly I haven’t gotten any snide remarks from anyone on my last post saying something to the effect of “It’s not Friday anymore. Why don’t you change your blog you lazy jerk?”

It is Laura’s Spring Break and we are spending it (it being yesterday through Saturday) in Memphis staying at her sis’ house. We are headed downtown today to hang out and explore and tomorrow we are going to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit the Bill Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.

Maybe more to come later in the trip, otherwise more when I get home.

Friday Funny

7 03 2008
A dog is truly a man’s best friend.
If you don’t believe it, just try this experiment.
Put your dog and your wife in the trunk of the car for an hour.
When you open the trunk, who is really happy to see you?