19 02 2008

**Editor’s Note: A wonderful woman that I am married to happens to be having twins and she also has a blog, for those of you who might have given up on her don’t start sleepin’ just yet, because….SHEEEEEeeeeee’s BACK!!


As most of you probably heard Prattville and various parts of Central Alabama were hit by tornadoes and high winds yesterday sustaining a significant amount of damage. Today was President’s Day and many of us who were off work were able to get out and help some of the victims of this storm as they work to put the pieces of their homes and lives back together. We spent the day hauling trees off of parts of houses, loading up the pieces of furniture that were not ruined by rain so they could be moved elsewhere and generally just helping out however needed. It is always sad when a natural disaster occurs and people experience loss. I can’t imagine the difficulties that one faces when they lose pictures, jewelry, mementos of all different seasons of life, and so much more. While not losing loved ones is clearly the most important aspect of a situation like this it would still be so hard to part with ‘things’ that are so dear to you for so long. Leather couches, the old favorite coffee maker, and yes, Luke, even Apple TV’s (though I am sure they are quite fantastic) are not the kinds of things I mean. I mean the stuff that is so important to you that the majority of it you cannot even really explain why. I hope that the help that we gave today will lift these people up and give them the little ray of sunshine that they need to keep moving forward knowing that God is with them and loving them. Here are a few pictures of some of the devastation. If you are the praying type send some up tonight for those affected in Central Alabama.





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19 02 2008

ouch. calling me out for being materialistic? sad face.

good post. and of course Mrs. M’s blog resurrection has not gone unnoticed.

19 02 2008

lemme rephrase that: “for being” should read “AS being.” apologies to the staff for comment-fluffing.

20 02 2008

I just saw the “Sheee’s baaack” and thought, “I’ve only been gone a week, why is Nick linking to my blog – because that is the title of my latest post…then I read what came before it and realized you were speaking of your wife. Good, I was worried. 😉

I have heard about the desctruction in Alabama….so sad! I am glad that you were able to go out there and help out. Disasters are horrible, but the ways that communities draw together can be really beautiful

24 02 2008

I was in charlotte when the tornadoes hit so those are some of the first images I’ve seen… wow.

25 02 2008
Nick M.

I wish I had gotten a few more pictures that turned out better. I took these on my phone so they are not so great.

25 02 2008

pretty good for a camera phone!

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