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15 02 2008

I’ve been tagged and now I share with you “7 Somewhat Odd Things About Me”:

-I, like Stephanie, have rather dextrous feet/toes and pretty much NEVER bend down to pick things up. I once had an IM conversation (when in college) while sitting at my desk and typing with my toes.

-I don’t like ketchup or mustard, but I firmly believe that you can dip EVERYTHING in Ranch dressing. Chicken fingers, french fries, hamburgers, broken shards of glass!

-I am very hot natured when it comes to physical body temperature especially at night. This last week has been torture because L has been sick and I haven’t been able to run the ceiling fan in our room.

-I don’t like fruit that is mixed together. While I do like fruit (contrary to what L thinks sometimes), I like grapes, strawberries, apples, watermelon, peaches, pears, and oranges. What I don’t like is fruit salads, cocktails, etc… I’m just weird like that.

-I own a lot more shoes that most guys probably should, and the pair that I LOVE the most are my Wallabees that I have had for 4 years and they are beaten and broken and old looking and they drive L crazy. I love my other shoes (Chuck’s, Church shoes, Boots) but the Wallabees are the old standbys and I have to watch them closely because otherwise if left unattended might get thrown away without my knowledge.

-I LOVE to COOK! I watch Top Chef on Bravo and secretly wish it was me. I love to experiment with making things and I think when I retire I want to go to culinary school (or maybe some kind of week vacation ‘cooking fantasy camp’ of some kind).

-I am SO EXCITED about being a Dad, and even more so about being a Dad of twins. I cannot thing of a greater honor and responsibility and I am so excited about seeing what we will have, and who they will become as they grow. I sincerely hope that I can do an adequate job.

So those are some things about me. Some might be odd, some might be old news to you, and some are just some things I wanted to say. Enjoy!




5 responses

16 02 2008

You don’t like ketchup? And you call yourself an American.

16 02 2008

I no idea that your fruit prefs. were so widespread. I guess I’ll try buying pears and peaches since the strawberries and grapes I buy you rot šŸ™‚ and I have no doubt you will be a MORE THAN adequate baby daddy.

17 02 2008

That’s ok, I like more than enough ketchup for my whole family. True Story. I think you should have told everybody that in highschool/junior high you had to wear head gear at night with your braces. It’s not really weird but I always thought it was humorous to see. šŸ™‚ Love you!

18 02 2008

Yum …ketchup! I can remember as a kid I would dip my chips in ketchup ….

24 02 2008

I’m with you on the ranch dressing… who needs plain old ketchup when you could have ranch instead!

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