Everyone Back to Your Corners!

13 02 2008

Alright, so the last post started to get a little heated. Let me first say that all of us here at Common Sense love everyone else out there that reads (first of all that is amazing in itself) this blog. I’m going to post again later tonight with some newer info. For the meantime let’s all just take the afternoon to be happy being who we are. “Smile, it makes people think there is something wrong with you.” 




4 responses

13 02 2008

Excellent idea. Chuck Norris jokes are usually pretty harmless, who knew.

13 02 2008


13 02 2008

Of course we have Nick to blame for all this but then again I usually tend to blame him for anything bad …
Train Wrecks-Nick
Rainy messy days -Nick
Root Canals -Nick
War In Iraq-Nick
Plane Crashes,House Fires,Termite Damage-Nick-Nick-Nick

13 02 2008

i’m calling bs because i didn’t get to respond. i just spent 5 minutes yelling at the screen and now i can’t type any of it out!??

i feel like mr. tony wanting desperately to yell at junior, but of course, junior’s cell phone has lost signal.

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