The LOST have been FOUND!!

15 01 2008


As a lot of you know this past weekend was our annual Winter Retreat for the youth groups of FUMC Millbook, DUMC Montgomery, and WUMC Montgomery. We spent a fun and EXHAUSTING weekend at Camp Hargis in Chelsea, Alabama. The theme for the weekend was LOST (as in the TV show) and the speaker spoke about various degrees of being ‘lost’ in our spiritual lives as well as reaching out to others who are similarly ‘lost’.

The weekend started off with a bang for me as Friday morning I determined that I was coming down with a cold (which is almost ALWAYS helped when you are stressed out and don’t get enough sleep over the course of 48 hours). By the time the weekend was over I was more than ready for bed. The clearest indication of that fact is that I got home from the church at about 2:45 Sunday afternoon, had a bite of lunch and then got in bed to ‘take a nap’ at 4:00 p.m. Would you care to guess when I got up again? If you guessed 8:00 the next morning you WIN!! That’s right folks I slept for SIXTEEN HOURS STRAIGHT!! I probably should enjoy that, with twins on the way I will probably never sleep more than 2 hours again.

We had a great time this weekend and I really appreciate all the help that was put into it (from the decorations, to the food, to the games, and the chaperoning). The volunteers that went were AMAZING, and the co-leadership that I received from the other youth directors was un-paralleled (on several different levels). Thanks to everyone out there who contributed.




8 responses

16 01 2008

I found you in the picture but where’s LaLa?

16 01 2008
Nick M.

She was the one taking the picture.

17 01 2008

Now wait Now wait …give credit where is due alot of the glory goes to YOU !!! It was great working with you again on this ….

18 01 2008
Luke's Mom Person

Bless your heart for thinkin’ you’re gonna get two hour stretches of sleep when those precious babies come along.


20 01 2008

Ah, Winter Retreat. Bless your heart.

24 01 2008

I know you were a bit under the weather and have been catching up on work, but come on. We need a baby update with some pictures from your last appointment.

29 01 2008

We’re still waiting…………………

29 01 2008

i agree with Emily ….tick tock tick tock

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