Where Christmas is Not…

22 12 2007

…let me tell you something Christmas does NOT exist within the ‘not-so-friendly’ confines of the Eastdale Mall. I went out yesterday (yes to START my Christmas shopping) and my searches took me the place I least wanted to go, the mall.  There were no places to park, the rudest people (both working and shopping), and just a general feel of not being joyous and remembering what “Christmas is all about Charlie Brown”.



As I sit bathed in the glow of my Christmas tree I am so thankful for this season and time of year. I am thankful that I get to be off work and that even when I am at work I am celebrating what Christmas truly is. I am thankful that Laura gets to be off work with me for the next two weeks that we can hang out and travel and do the things we neglect because the hectic schedules of work and being in school don’t allow those luxuries. I am thankful (even though I have done more than my share of complaining about not having room in the calendar) for having lots of different places to go and people to see because we have wonderful friends and family and they definitely make the season special. I am thankful for Christmas music (those of you that disagree can ‘Scrooge Off’). I am also thankful that some of you still acknowledge my existence after I put up that horrendous picture of myself in my last post (I think I had a little too much egg in my nog if you know what I’m saying). I am thankful that we are going to Illinois for a week to see more family. I guess the point of it all is that I am thankful. I am thankful for God’s amazing love and grace, and I am thankful for YOU! That’s where Christmas IS!!

Merry Christmas!

p.s. I would SO like to be in that cabin above with a roaring fire and some books and good Christmas food (turkey, dressing, etc…) for about 2 weeks without interruptions. 




4 responses

23 12 2007

You’re getting your holidays mixed up. Thanksgiving was last month. This is the month in which we are greedy, honk at all the traffic, and swim in egg nog. Get your holidays straight.

23 12 2007

That cabin looks too fake and small for you to fit. But Merry Christmas anyways – glad you are finding all the wonderful things to be thankful for!! (I personally am thankful for a new post to take place of that scary picture!! 🙂

25 12 2007

Merry Christmas …

3 01 2008

ALright it’s time for some new posts. I’m sure you can come up with something to blog about!!!! 😉

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