Thoughts on the Debate

19 11 2007

Editor’s note: I tried to post this with each candidate separately spaced but for some reason the blogging software was not cooperating and instead you get one giant paragraph (this note might even get sucked into that giant paragraph and if so I am sorry). Last night Mrs. M and I watched the Democratic Presidential debate from UNLV that was aired on CNN. There have been other debates before now and I have seen clips and pieces but this is the first one that I have watched from start to finish. I have some thoughts based on last nights showing and I look forward to the chance to see some more because I have in mind who I like but now is the time where we start figuring out who has the real goods to do the job. Here’s my rundown:

Hillary Clinton-She’s good. She has experience and she knows what she is talking about. I really believe that at this point she is the ‘man’ to beat. The things she will struggle with will be her ‘polarizing reputation’, and her sometimes cloudy links to various gray-area political tactics (planted questions, etc…).

Barack Obama-From early on I have been a fan. I still like the Senator from Illinois but his performance in the debate last night left something to be desired. Not only did he seem unsure of some of his answers but on a couple of occasions he dodged the answer by talking his way around it. I truly believe Obama is a strong candidate I am ready for him to show me more.

John Edwards-First of all it is sad that John Ritter is no longer alive because when it comes time to make the John Edwards movie they will have to find someone else to play him. Edwards is also a fairly strong candidate with much to say. I have not decided entirely how I feel about him. At times he seems a little too polished (that pseudo ‘used car salesman’ thing) and it is not that I think he is dishonest I just can’t put my finger on it.

Joe Biden & Bill Richardson-these two guys were HILARIOUS last night as they played the ‘sidekick’ to the frontrunners ‘superhero’. I especially enjoyed, after about 20 minutes into the debate, when Gov. Richardson was finally given a question he first took the time to point out to everyone “Hello, I am Bill Richardson I am the governor of New Mexico and I am running for President of the United States”. I liked a good bit of what I heard both Biden and Richardson saying but there are two problems. First of all neither of them are ‘rockstar’ enough right now to feel like they are strong contenders, and second while I appreciate that they made me laugh we are looking for a President of the United States not the next President of the Friar’s Club.

Dennis Kucinich & Chris Dodd-these two are like the sweet old grandfathers who will tell you to save your nickels for a rainy day, give you a Werther’s Original, and then ask you if the Ed Sullivan Show is on yet. They are smart, have good ideas, but at the same time are a little too ‘whitebread’ for anyone to really take notice.

Biden, Dodd, Kucinich, & Richardson-Roll these four up into a ball and put them through your Play-Doh spaghetti factory and out would come an awesome candidate that many would fear. The reality is though that professional politics is essentially an individual sport and having Captain Planet combine all of their powers is not going to actually happen so we have to look elsewhere. Those are my thoughts so far. What do you think?




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20 11 2007

Clinton/Edwards ticket?? Perhaps but I do think Sen Clinton is the one though ….considering her experience and look at what the Supreme Court put in the White House in 2000. Pres. Bush had been Gov of Tex for less than 8 years when he ran and was chosen by the SC to be our President (being bitter is not a nice color on me )!!
Bill Richardson would make a FANTASTIC Sec of State for anyone ….

21 11 2007

Brian has accused me of having an opinion without doing any research – of being a visceral voter, if you will. I hate to say it, but he’s probably right. I need to do this – sit down and watch a debate start to finish and form a more educated opinion.

21 11 2007

I think this is why I rarely have an opinion, because I never know WHEN the debates are on, much less watch them from start to finish. Kudos on that by the way. Also, truth be told, I do have an opinion. I always have an opinion. I just don’t always like talking about it. Fear of offending someone out there I guess. But I have to say, maybe its age, maybe its placement, but I’m paying a lot more attention to this leg of the race than ever before. Also-again – tonight I went to a Forum on the Advancement of Human Rights in the Philippines (very informative and interesting!) and there was a part towards the end during the question session if someone stood up and asked if there was a way we could put Bush and Arroyo in the same jail cell? It was pretty funny.

25 11 2007
The Bean

I thought Obama was a mess when it came to debating the health care issues with Hillary. I don’t like either or them though and am still going strong Republican.

26 11 2007

it’s too bad kucinich has seen ufos and owes shirley mclaine money. i actually like what he has to say, and i love it when he calls edwards on his bs. this race is almost as depressing as the last two, although i wouldn’t mind obama, biden, richardson, or even frodo kucinich the ufo slayer, though it looks like hillary will win. well, at the very least, more interns for bill!! woo!!

1 12 2007

I agree with Jason on the Clinton thing. Speaking of the Supreme Court, after taking Constitutional law, it is SHOCKING how much power 9 people have with next to zero possibility of being held responsible for their actions. Supreme Court appointments is up there as probably the most important thing to me concerning whether there is a democrat or a republican in the White House.
I had no idea the massive affect that such a small group of partisan people have on our country’s history and our personal liberties. And, the other branches of government are *not* an effective check on the Supreme Court. The USSC can just declare an act of Congress unconstitutional if it doesn’t like it and from the case law I’ve studied, it is amazing how they vote more consistently with their party line than with precedent of law or the Constitution.
Ok, stepping down from soap box now.
Great post. I too have been really enjoying the debates lately! The YouTube ones are awesome, but not as helpful.

2 12 2007

It’s about time for a new post Brother Bean.

3 12 2007

HA Nick post something new …before the new year ??? I think not

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