“Soulja Burgers For Everyone”

13 11 2007

As many of you are aware I celebrated the 29th anniversary of my birth over the weekend and spent that time in Memphis, TN. Mrs. M’s sister lives in the “Blues City” (I think I just made that name up) and we took advantage of the holiday weekend to go visit. I will suffice it to say that the after 3 a.m. scene that one can find on Beale Street is nothing that you will ever find in Montgomery (that is probably a good thing too). Our itinerary (mostly for those of you that read this that are “Memphis Aware”) for the evening was as follows:
-Dinner at Bosco’s (they brew their own beer and it is EXCELLENT)
-Beer at The Flying Saucer (Oatmeal Stout might be the best beer EVER)
-Drinks and general socializing at Silky O’Sullivan’s (BEWARE: the “Diver” will KILL YOU)
-A late night “Soul Burger” and Bud (it had to happen sometime) at Ernestine & Hazel’s (the burger was AMAZING and I’m sure its probably the least healthy thing I’ve ever had)

We had a blast, and I am glad that I survived giong out all late at night with the ‘young kids’ (for those of you keeping score at home the alcohol was never a factor of concern it was more was I going to still be awake when it was finally time to go home). I survived but I guess I should get it out of my system while I can. I will be 30 next year and will probably be in orthopedic shoes and slacks that don’t need a belt with white loafers.

**On an unrelated note: I am having the typical ‘love/hate’ with my blog these days. I want to write ‘smart’ things and ‘deep thoughts’ and have reasons for you all to want to come here but most of the time it is just banality about silly things like going out in Memphis. Oh well I guess I’ll either come up with something or you will just keep ignoring my non-sense like usual 😉



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13 11 2007

ah, the Flying Saucer. truly a mecca for all things Beer. glad you got to experience a bit of that. having only been to the one in Columbia, SC, i wonder if the Memphis location is much different.

13 11 2007

The place where you got the burgers ….is is the place that has NEVER changed their grease? Or maybe they dunk the burgers in grease when they are done cooking Bun,lettuce,onion EVERYTHING ….I dont know for sure.
Jealous that you got all that fine beer though ….

14 11 2007

I’m surprised you remembered your weekend after that kind of lineup. 🙂

15 11 2007
Nick M.

Well let me clarify my late night/early morning on Beale Street was not quite as debaucherous as it read that it was, in fact I was sober enough to drive us home at 4:00 that morning. So no crazy ‘lamp-shade on the head dancin’ for me.

16 11 2007

Just FYI, you did not make that up, it is in fact the Blues City.

Also, the burger that you had was probably pretty unhealthy (because I think everything at Ernestine and Hazel’s is delicious but kind of questionable- even the water), but NOT as unhealthy as a burger from Dyer’s, which is the one Jason was thinking of (Hello, Jason, whom I have never met but am always reading about on the internet!). They usually only deep fry the patty, but will deep fry the whole thing if you ask. They have had the same grease since they opened in 1912, and when they moved, they moved their grease vat in an armored car. It is a historic heart-attack for the whole family.

Also, you are old.

16 11 2007

GROSS…..but oh so good I am sure ….

19 11 2007

you need a new post because i have nothing to say about grease-burgers

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