Strike Up the Band(wagon)

3 11 2007


So the sad time of year has come when baseball season has closed for business until Spring Training, and we now have the beginning of the NBA season. I have always loved basketball but never really been all that much for the professional game usually preferring college or church league as my ’roundball of choice’. Well this year things have changed. I have decided I am jumping on the bandwagon with my new favorite NBA team and they are going to go all the way and win it all (you heard it here first). And that team is…The Boston Celtics!!

Now I know that is very ‘retro-cool’ to be a fan of Boston sports teams these days, but I have never given in to the seemingly monstrous juggernaut that is Red Sox Nation (I will always love my Braves), but as far as b-ball goes I am all kinds of on board.

So lace up your sneakers and let’s hit the court!



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3 11 2007

A friend of my dad’s here invited us to go see a Celtix game in a luxury box last year. It was fun but we lost. They kind of sucked last year, right?

3 11 2007

Celtics I meant, obviously.

3 11 2007
Nick M.

You are correct about last year…they were not so good. This year is going to be a whole different thing though, with two major player pick ups in the off season…Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Add Paul Pearce into the mix and you’ve got a tri-fecta that could be very formidable.

4 11 2007

i’ll be watching with some mitigated interest. its Boston, so i care… at least a small amount.

but basketball has just never been my sport. ever. i’m short. i’m clumsy. there’s lots of running. and i don’t really get all of the terminology/positions/fouls/whatevs.

believe me, i’ve tried. its just never quite stuck with me.

5 11 2007

Basketball ….BLECH !! The only times i ever watch are as follows
Upwards when my nephews are playing
Chuch league when my friends are playing
The Final Four where I know no one who is playing

6 11 2007

i was never a basketball fan either – but then i lived in kentucky for 4 years and … wait, nope, still not a basketball fan. (though it is hard not to get into the spirit of things when you are the bartender, and EVERY patron is screaming at the TV – it helps the tips to root for a team – preferbly the one with the most fans in front of me)

18 06 2008
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