Thoughts on the Debate

19 11 2007

Editor’s note: I tried to post this with each candidate separately spaced but for some reason the blogging software was not cooperating and instead you get one giant paragraph (this note might even get sucked into that giant paragraph and if so I am sorry). Last night Mrs. M and I watched the Democratic Presidential debate from UNLV that was aired on CNN. There have been other debates before now and I have seen clips and pieces but this is the first one that I have watched from start to finish. I have some thoughts based on last nights showing and I look forward to the chance to see some more because I have in mind who I like but now is the time where we start figuring out who has the real goods to do the job. Here’s my rundown:

Hillary Clinton-She’s good. She has experience and she knows what she is talking about. I really believe that at this point she is the ‘man’ to beat. The things she will struggle with will be her ‘polarizing reputation’, and her sometimes cloudy links to various gray-area political tactics (planted questions, etc…).

Barack Obama-From early on I have been a fan. I still like the Senator from Illinois but his performance in the debate last night left something to be desired. Not only did he seem unsure of some of his answers but on a couple of occasions he dodged the answer by talking his way around it. I truly believe Obama is a strong candidate I am ready for him to show me more.

John Edwards-First of all it is sad that John Ritter is no longer alive because when it comes time to make the John Edwards movie they will have to find someone else to play him. Edwards is also a fairly strong candidate with much to say. I have not decided entirely how I feel about him. At times he seems a little too polished (that pseudo ‘used car salesman’ thing) and it is not that I think he is dishonest I just can’t put my finger on it.

Joe Biden & Bill Richardson-these two guys were HILARIOUS last night as they played the ‘sidekick’ to the frontrunners ‘superhero’. I especially enjoyed, after about 20 minutes into the debate, when Gov. Richardson was finally given a question he first took the time to point out to everyone “Hello, I am Bill Richardson I am the governor of New Mexico and I am running for President of the United States”. I liked a good bit of what I heard both Biden and Richardson saying but there are two problems. First of all neither of them are ‘rockstar’ enough right now to feel like they are strong contenders, and second while I appreciate that they made me laugh we are looking for a President of the United States not the next President of the Friar’s Club.

Dennis Kucinich & Chris Dodd-these two are like the sweet old grandfathers who will tell you to save your nickels for a rainy day, give you a Werther’s Original, and then ask you if the Ed Sullivan Show is on yet. They are smart, have good ideas, but at the same time are a little too ‘whitebread’ for anyone to really take notice.

Biden, Dodd, Kucinich, & Richardson-Roll these four up into a ball and put them through your Play-Doh spaghetti factory and out would come an awesome candidate that many would fear. The reality is though that professional politics is essentially an individual sport and having Captain Planet combine all of their powers is not going to actually happen so we have to look elsewhere. Those are my thoughts so far. What do you think?


“Soulja Burgers For Everyone”

13 11 2007

As many of you are aware I celebrated the 29th anniversary of my birth over the weekend and spent that time in Memphis, TN. Mrs. M’s sister lives in the “Blues City” (I think I just made that name up) and we took advantage of the holiday weekend to go visit. I will suffice it to say that the after 3 a.m. scene that one can find on Beale Street is nothing that you will ever find in Montgomery (that is probably a good thing too). Our itinerary (mostly for those of you that read this that are “Memphis Aware”) for the evening was as follows:
-Dinner at Bosco’s (they brew their own beer and it is EXCELLENT)
-Beer at The Flying Saucer (Oatmeal Stout might be the best beer EVER)
-Drinks and general socializing at Silky O’Sullivan’s (BEWARE: the “Diver” will KILL YOU)
-A late night “Soul Burger” and Bud (it had to happen sometime) at Ernestine & Hazel’s (the burger was AMAZING and I’m sure its probably the least healthy thing I’ve ever had)

We had a blast, and I am glad that I survived giong out all late at night with the ‘young kids’ (for those of you keeping score at home the alcohol was never a factor of concern it was more was I going to still be awake when it was finally time to go home). I survived but I guess I should get it out of my system while I can. I will be 30 next year and will probably be in orthopedic shoes and slacks that don’t need a belt with white loafers.

**On an unrelated note: I am having the typical ‘love/hate’ with my blog these days. I want to write ‘smart’ things and ‘deep thoughts’ and have reasons for you all to want to come here but most of the time it is just banality about silly things like going out in Memphis. Oh well I guess I’ll either come up with something or you will just keep ignoring my non-sense like usual 😉

Strike Up the Band(wagon)

3 11 2007


So the sad time of year has come when baseball season has closed for business until Spring Training, and we now have the beginning of the NBA season. I have always loved basketball but never really been all that much for the professional game usually preferring college or church league as my ’roundball of choice’. Well this year things have changed. I have decided I am jumping on the bandwagon with my new favorite NBA team and they are going to go all the way and win it all (you heard it here first). And that team is…The Boston Celtics!!

Now I know that is very ‘retro-cool’ to be a fan of Boston sports teams these days, but I have never given in to the seemingly monstrous juggernaut that is Red Sox Nation (I will always love my Braves), but as far as b-ball goes I am all kinds of on board.

So lace up your sneakers and let’s hit the court!