Catalyst: Day 1

4 10 2007


This morning about 7:00 a.m. I loaded up with the senior pastor and the children’s minister from my church in Millbrook, as well as my good friend J to head to Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference. Catalyst is a 3 day church leadership conference (that was originally started and actually advertised as only for people “in their 20’s”) that has a lot of post-modern emphasis to it.

This looks to be a great next couple of days of worship, learning, and a little relaxing. A couple of highlights of tonight’s closing session (which was focused on a new book that just came out called “Un-Christian” based on a $100,000 Barna Research study about the perception of Christianity mostly amongst 16-29 year olds):

-“The Gospels are not intellectually ridiculous.” Rick McKinley
-“You can have all the right answers and still be mean.” Shane Claiborne
-“We need to learn to disagree well and still love each other.” Shane Claiborne

In case you were wondering…
The top 6 perceptions of Christianity amongst 16-29 year olds are:
-Anti-homosexual 91% (I don’t have the percentages on the following 5 he was speaking too fast for me to write it all down)
-Too Political

There are WAY too many thoughts on this subject for me to launch into tonight as I am about to get in bed. Today was the labs portion of Catalyst (i.e. mini-sessions), tomorrow and Friday will be the big arena sessions with speakers such as: Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Patrick Lencioni, Sunday Adelaja, Dave Ramsey, John Maxwell, Craig Groeschel, Erwin McManus, and Francis Chan. Should be good.

I will try to pop in tomorrow night for an update. Later kids!




3 responses

4 10 2007

sounds like a very cool conference. and I really like the shane quote “you can have all the right answers and still be mean” – so true – so sadly true. i hope you learn a lot this weekend – can’t wait to hear all about it!

4 10 2007

You AND Corey… there with Shane and not me. Sigh…

5 10 2007

t-minus 14 days until i take all your money.

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