Knology is Power

25 10 2007

I’m back (yes yes I’m sure you’ve all missed me terribly). I want to thank Mr. H for allowing me to guest on his blog while my internet was out last week (some of you are probably trying to figure out how I could blog at Mr. H’s without internet…don’t bother it’ll make your head hurt). Thanks to the good folks at Knology I am now back in business with cable, DVR, and internet and all of that at a savings of $40 over Charter. Wahoo!!

I don’t have a ton to say right now but I did want to leave you with what I believe to be THE BEST “WAY I SEE IT” EVER!!

The Way I See It #282

Childhood is a strange country. It’s a place you come from or go to-at least in your mind. For me it has an endless, spellbound something in it that feels remote. It’s like a little sealed-vault country of cake breath and grass stains where what you do instead of work is spin until you are dizzy.
-Lyall Bush
Executive Director of Richard Hugo House a center for writers and readers.


An Open Letter/Challenge to Mr. H

18 10 2007

Dear Mr. H,
Hello. How are you doing? I hope this letter finds you doing well and enjoy the fall in Boston. I’m sorry to inform you that the Cleveland Indians might very well be the better team this year, better luck next time. How is Harvard Divinity School? I know this is a busy time for you and that there is plenty going on but I wanted to appraise you of a situation in my life. I am currently in the process of switching my cable and internet service from one company to the next (at the value of saving the Mrs. and myself $40 a month). The down side to this is that I will not have internet access until Wednesday of next week (I am currently writing from work…but tomorrow is Friday and I won’t be back in the office until Monday). I have decided that as an exercise in your creative writing abilities and my lack of connection to the ‘interwebs’ that perhaps you should be charged with writing my blogs for me until Wednesday. You can still post them on your site, but we will all pretend that it is me writing them and I’m sure they will be hilarious and filled with many accurate details from what you suppose to be my life. I know you are busy but I’m not entirely sure with what (you certainly aren’t spending the lionshare of your time on Fantasy Football…have you seen your record?). Good luck and may God protect you in your quest.

Nick M.

The Rest of the Catalyst Post

9 10 2007

So I didn’t really get around to posting about days 2 & 3 of the Catalyst Conference, but suffice it to say it was really great. I enjoyed being there and it was something I haven’t had the chance to do since probably 2000 when I went to the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta. I am not going to take the time to tell you about all of the things that went on at the conference but I did want to write for just a few minutes about the part that stood out the most to me, and I guess when it comes down to it spoke directly to where I am in my life.

Francis Chan
On Thursday we heard from Francis Chan who is the pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California. If you read about the church on their website you will see that their future building plans include not actually building a building. They are planning to have an outdoor amphitheatre where they will have church because they believe that they can spend their money on much more important things like reaching the poor, and putting others before themselves (weird its almost like that is something Jesus would want us to do). Very fascinating stuff. Here’s where he got me:

(Quoting now from an article he wrote in our Catalyst ‘Notezine’)
“I forget to love God. Its not like I want to. In fact, when I’m deeply in prayer, its clear to me that there is no where else I would rather be. I know that I love God. When I sit and think about him, I’m filled with intense feelings of adoration. I’m convinced that He means more to than my wife, kids, or anyone else on the planet. I just forget to love him.”

THATS ME!! I forget to love God. I get wrapped up in being a husband, working at a church, going to school, and living life and I forget to do it. I do love Him I really really do, but I just don’t always have my priorities in line. I’m not going to continue to elaborate on this point other than to put it out there in the ‘ether-nets’ and let this be my confession.

I will end with one other thing that Francis Chan wrote in his article that I thought was really good.

“If Jesus had a church in Simi Valley, mine would be bigger. People would leave His church to attend mine because I call for an easier commitment. I know better how to cater to people’s desires so they stick around. Jesus was never really good at that. He was the one who said, “He who loves the Mother, Father…son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.” (Matthew 10:37) I am much more popular than Jesus”

Catalyst: Day 1

4 10 2007


This morning about 7:00 a.m. I loaded up with the senior pastor and the children’s minister from my church in Millbrook, as well as my good friend J to head to Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference. Catalyst is a 3 day church leadership conference (that was originally started and actually advertised as only for people “in their 20’s”) that has a lot of post-modern emphasis to it.

This looks to be a great next couple of days of worship, learning, and a little relaxing. A couple of highlights of tonight’s closing session (which was focused on a new book that just came out called “Un-Christian” based on a $100,000 Barna Research study about the perception of Christianity mostly amongst 16-29 year olds):

-“The Gospels are not intellectually ridiculous.” Rick McKinley
-“You can have all the right answers and still be mean.” Shane Claiborne
-“We need to learn to disagree well and still love each other.” Shane Claiborne

In case you were wondering…
The top 6 perceptions of Christianity amongst 16-29 year olds are:
-Anti-homosexual 91% (I don’t have the percentages on the following 5 he was speaking too fast for me to write it all down)
-Too Political

There are WAY too many thoughts on this subject for me to launch into tonight as I am about to get in bed. Today was the labs portion of Catalyst (i.e. mini-sessions), tomorrow and Friday will be the big arena sessions with speakers such as: Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Patrick Lencioni, Sunday Adelaja, Dave Ramsey, John Maxwell, Craig Groeschel, Erwin McManus, and Francis Chan. Should be good.

I will try to pop in tomorrow night for an update. Later kids!