Oh What A Weekend

23 09 2007

It has been a good one but at the same time a rather disjointed one.

Let me get this out of the way first (consider it the “obligatory college football shout out” or as Mary would say the OCFSO): Auburn won last night and while they should have won, it is still just a relieft that they did win. Now we get to go play Florida next weekend in Gainesville. YUCK!

Moving on…

Friday was a happy fun time for me. I got a new vehicle. As you all know we traded in the black Jetta back at the beginning of the summer to get a new ’07 white Jetta as a part of that deal I agreed to drive Laura’s ’99 Oldsmobile Alero and I did which was no big deal (other than the fact that it is just getting old). About a week and a half ago I saw a truck out at one of the local dealerships here that caught my eye and decided to do some research on it…fast forward to Friday and I spent from 9:45 a.m. to about 3:15 p.m. at that same dealership. The best part though is that when it is all said and done I am now the proud owner of a 2003 Toyota Tundra that only has 36,000 miles on it and is FULLY WARRANTEED. It was a deal that couldn’t be passed up.

I have also been in class all weekend. One of the great things about a weekend class is that you only have to go about once every month and a half. The bad part about a weekend class is that you have to go from 9-5 all day Saturday and Sunday (not the worst thing in the world I guess, but sitting in a windowless room under flourescent lights can really take it out of you). Oh well. I will be done in just a little while and then I can go straight from here to MYF and then to a Youth Council type of meeting. Laura I guess I will see you sometime tonight around 8:30 or 9:00. That last sentence indicates what contributes to the disjointed part of the weekend (not getting to see my beautiful wife during most of it).

Ok…more like preliminary homework. As we all know, in January, we are going to get into Presidential Primary season and that is when the blitz of candidates wanting your votes will really start to kick in. I want you all to be thinking about who you, at THIS MOMENT, are leaning towards supporting. I know things will change as Primaries get rolling and as we get closer to actual election day, but for now I want to now what your early election thoughts are. You will be able to post these thoughts on a future blog coming soon.




4 responses

23 09 2007

Congrats on the new truck! It is quite nice looking.
I will have to post my other thoughts later!


23 09 2007
Laura M.

yes love congrats on your very own dream truck. i am happy for you and you look so hot in it 😉 I know that class on Saturdays and Sundays is a huge bummer BUT just remember the finish line and what God has in store for you/us after you grad. I am proud of you.

24 09 2007

I am leaning towards not voting. Go on, stone me, but voting for anyone when I cannot 100% be sure I support them makes me feel wrong inside. If I feel differently as the time approaches, I will change my mind.

Congrats on the truck. All Alabama boys need a good truck, right? My best friend and her hubby just got a Tundra and are loving it.

24 09 2007

I love the new truck… I never thought of you as a ‘truck guy’ but this one definitely suits you.

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