A Roller Coaster Kind of Week

14 09 2007

It has been one of those. This week has been a fairly emotional one on a couple of different levels. I don’t want to get into it too much on this blog because every great now and then you don’t know for sure who is reading. If you want to know more though you can ask me in person and I will share where my ‘ups and downs’ have been coming from.

Tonight it is off to the church for some more 5th Quarter fun. Tomorrow will be another great day of watching college football and hanging out with friends (I’m really starting to get spoiled with these kinds of weekends…good thing I have to spend next weekend in class to keep me humble).

Stephanie wrote the other day about the greatness of the TV show ‘Friday Night Lights’ and I just want to also jump on the gravy train and say it is SO GOOD!! I believe a wise man once told me how great it was but I was too busy singing a song about a show that couldn’t survive the tide (Studio 60 you will be missed by me and like one other person probably). FNL is great it is a rarely seen, accurate depiction (mostly…I’m with a couple of you about the whole “when do they go to school” thing) of high school football in the south. Watch it now if you haven’t.

I’m off for now. More to come later.




3 responses

15 09 2007
jason g.

I would have enjoyed Studio 60 if it had just been a little different ….how bout this – a show that centers around the staff of a liberal democratic president ….their interactions with each other and how they manage to deal with running the office of the president AND have real lives ourtside of that office…..Now that sounds like a show I would watch !!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo-Yo Ma Rules !!!!!!!!

19 09 2007

I’ve never seen FNL – maybe when I get back to the states I can catch up. πŸ™‚

Sorry its been an emotional week. Praying it gets better!

19 09 2007
John M.

So far it’s great I stayed up way to late last night when I planned to watch one episode and made my self stop in the 3rd around midnight πŸ™‚

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