What’ll Ya Have!

25 08 2007

(The following post was written last night was not posted due to a network error of some sort…thanks to autosave I am able to post it this afternoon…enjoy!)

Today was a good day. After sending Mrs. M off to Memphis for the weekend (with Mrs. M-in-Law to visit Ms. Sis-in-Law)…which was not the good part of the day I would like to add, I headed to Atlanta with someone I know to check out a store that I wanted to visit. After a successful trip to that particular location, including a kit to produce the next step in my favorite hobby we moved on to lunch at the Varsity where I enjoyed lunch the way any man on a bachelor kind of weekend should (two chili dogs with onion rings and a refreshing Coca-Cola). The next step of our journey took us to the Ikea store.

With the introduction of the Ikea store into the conversation I believe we have reached a place of importance that requires the beginning of a new paragraph, hence the one we are in now. I want to say this now and I want it to be clearly understood that I love my wife and am very pleased with the home we have made for ourselves…that being said: I WANT TO LIVE IN THE IKEA STORE!! It is AMAZING!! Modern modular living in a package that I can assemble all by myself (and eat meatballs at the same time). The little rooms that they have there make me almost (editor’s note: I did say Almost) wish that I could give up my house and live in that little space where they advertise “374 sq. ft. of living”. It is phenomenal. Where else can you get a glass vase for $1.49, a 42 pack of tealight candles for $2.49, a $12.99 coffee table, and a shelving unit with the name Norrebo (I think I might consider naming my next pet that) all at the same place? My preferred style of decoration (if I may be allowed to have one) for my home is MODERN (i.e. Ikea) and that fuels my desire to take up residence in the Ikea store. Laura would adjust and I’m sure that Ali would love it right away (I mean after all there are tons of secret little Swedish hideaways for her to leave her little “doggie deposits”).

Enough of that nonsense. I am thouroughly enjoying my new Mac and using it at every opportunity, and in fact last night I was able to video chat with Mr. and Mrs. Mc as well as the rumored terrorist Mrs. H (not true by the way, but Mr. H should rest assured that her plan as of last night was to return home sometime today…which means you better put out your bonfire and wash your dishes) and it was quite nice. Tomorrow I have to go to the first of several sessions of the weekend class that I am taking this semester as I consider my pursuit of my graduate degree. I’m sure it won’t end up being that bad but at the moment (that moment being 11:42 p.m. on a Friday night) I am not excited about spending from 9:00-5:00 tomorrow in a classroom. On that note I am off for the night.




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26 08 2007

I love Ikea too! I discovered it in Houston right before Valerie and I moved into our Bullard St. home. 🙂

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