An Apple A Day…

20 08 2007

…would get expensive REALLY fast!

WARNING: The following post is purely self-serving as I have gotten something new that I am super excited about. I do not expect you to care at all, but I am using said “new item” right now and this is how I am choosing to do it. Thank you.

Yesterday I bought my first Mac. After a journey up to the Apple Store at The Summit in Birmingham I left in possession of my very own Macbook. The joys and glories of this fine piece of computer equipment are only beginning to be revealed to me, but I cannot wait to continue to see what all I can do with it. I have already installed my wireless network so that I can be doing just what I am doing right now (sitting on the couch watching SportsCenter whilst I type away). Below you can find the nerdy specs for the two or three of you that actually care:

2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1GB memory
120GB hard drive1
Double-layer SuperDrive




5 responses

20 08 2007
jason g.

Always gotta one up me ….I get an iPod on Friday and you get a Mac on Saturday!!!
Congrats ….for real man .

20 08 2007

I totally called it. Yesterday Elizabeth says, “What’s Nick doing in Birmingham?” And I replied, “I bet he’s buying a Mac.”


22 08 2007

Ever since I’ve known you, I’ve been waiting for you to be cool. You finally arrived. Congratulations 😉

22 08 2007

congrats on your freedom from pc enslavement. it’s a beautiful thing.

22 08 2007

So I posted Mr. Doesn’t Answer His Phone EITHER! Where are the comments???????

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