A Change Will Do You Good

31 08 2007

Sometimes you just need a change. I was ready for another blog theme and this is the one that I went with. I was tired of the dark one that I had. It was time for something a little lighter, plus the picture of the city at the top makes me feel all “metro” (like I’m living Mr. H’s life…minus the “Lord of the Flies” Mrs. H is a terrorist scenario from last week). And while we are talking about my blog I would like to point out that I have FINALLY updated my links so that they are current. If I missed you or it still is not right let me know and I will attempt to fix the problem.

Tonight is a great night. I have waited for this for a good long time. That’s right, the return of College Football. I love football in general but the college game is my favorite over the pros (although don’t be fooled I am going to own someone in our Fantasy League this year). So after spending my requisite time in my Thursday night class (entitled ‘Legal Issues in Healthcare’…sorry Mrs. H that I don’t have a paper topic for you, I am trying to come up with one of my own) I am now at home on the couch enjoying a cold frosy one and watching LSU vs. Mississippi State. Life is good.

Heather wrote a blog today where she posted 13 of her favorite posts and as I clicked on one it led me to another that she had written almost 2 years ago at the time of Laura and my wedding. It was a great post as she discussed being a new member in a close group of friends and what that was like and how we as a group (although we don’t get to see each other near as much as we would like) remain closely knit. I know it can be a hard thing to be ‘new’ in that situation but I first want to say thanks to those that have felt like outsiders (Laura, Heather, etc…) but yet have found their way in anyhow. Similarly I love that this group of friends uses what we have available to us to keep these friendships going (mostly blogs and the occasional Gmail or iChat). I hope, and this is where I simultaneously make my intentions known and try to avoid the fact that I have previously been a hypocrite. Comments. We all love them (Stephanie and Mr. H and Mrs. H all kind of touched on this last week) and want them but a lot of times we don’t give them. I know I personally suck at commenting, and yet I am disappointed when people don’t comment on my blog. Sometimes the motivation we need to keep updating our blogs is the encouraging (or in my case typically ‘smart aleck’) words and comments that tell us “hey I read your thing and I wanted you to know that”. I hereby am going to redouble my efforts to comment on everyone’s blogs because I know I want you to do it to mine (Laura and I have this conversation a lot) and also this is how we keep the long distance friendships going.

Alright this post has become a bit of a ramble so I am going to now go back through and link the appropriate places and then probably have one more cold one before bed. I hope you all have a great night.


The Way I See It

28 08 2007

The following is my favorite “Way I See It” ever, to this point. I don’t really know why that is (maybe it appeals to my inner Indiana Jones) but it just is. Enjoy.

“Once when excavating the house of a medieval sailor on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt, I found a still-preserved reed mat in front of a door. Under the doormat was a wooden key with the name of the owner painted on it. It was an extraordinary sense of connection with the last person to walk out of that building 700 years ago.”
-Fred Hiebert
Archaeologist and National Geographic Fellow

What’ll Ya Have!

25 08 2007

(The following post was written last night was not posted due to a network error of some sort…thanks to autosave I am able to post it this afternoon…enjoy!)

Today was a good day. After sending Mrs. M off to Memphis for the weekend (with Mrs. M-in-Law to visit Ms. Sis-in-Law)…which was not the good part of the day I would like to add, I headed to Atlanta with someone I know to check out a store that I wanted to visit. After a successful trip to that particular location, including a kit to produce the next step in my favorite hobby we moved on to lunch at the Varsity where I enjoyed lunch the way any man on a bachelor kind of weekend should (two chili dogs with onion rings and a refreshing Coca-Cola). The next step of our journey took us to the Ikea store.

With the introduction of the Ikea store into the conversation I believe we have reached a place of importance that requires the beginning of a new paragraph, hence the one we are in now. I want to say this now and I want it to be clearly understood that I love my wife and am very pleased with the home we have made for ourselves…that being said: I WANT TO LIVE IN THE IKEA STORE!! It is AMAZING!! Modern modular living in a package that I can assemble all by myself (and eat meatballs at the same time). The little rooms that they have there make me almost (editor’s note: I did say Almost) wish that I could give up my house and live in that little space where they advertise “374 sq. ft. of living”. It is phenomenal. Where else can you get a glass vase for $1.49, a 42 pack of tealight candles for $2.49, a $12.99 coffee table, and a shelving unit with the name Norrebo (I think I might consider naming my next pet that) all at the same place? My preferred style of decoration (if I may be allowed to have one) for my home is MODERN (i.e. Ikea) and that fuels my desire to take up residence in the Ikea store. Laura would adjust and I’m sure that Ali would love it right away (I mean after all there are tons of secret little Swedish hideaways for her to leave her little “doggie deposits”).

Enough of that nonsense. I am thouroughly enjoying my new Mac and using it at every opportunity, and in fact last night I was able to video chat with Mr. and Mrs. Mc as well as the rumored terrorist Mrs. H (not true by the way, but Mr. H should rest assured that her plan as of last night was to return home sometime today…which means you better put out your bonfire and wash your dishes) and it was quite nice. Tomorrow I have to go to the first of several sessions of the weekend class that I am taking this semester as I consider my pursuit of my graduate degree. I’m sure it won’t end up being that bad but at the moment (that moment being 11:42 p.m. on a Friday night) I am not excited about spending from 9:00-5:00 tomorrow in a classroom. On that note I am off for the night.

An Apple A Day…

20 08 2007

…would get expensive REALLY fast!

WARNING: The following post is purely self-serving as I have gotten something new that I am super excited about. I do not expect you to care at all, but I am using said “new item” right now and this is how I am choosing to do it. Thank you.

Yesterday I bought my first Mac. After a journey up to the Apple Store at The Summit in Birmingham I left in possession of my very own Macbook. The joys and glories of this fine piece of computer equipment are only beginning to be revealed to me, but I cannot wait to continue to see what all I can do with it. I have already installed my wireless network so that I can be doing just what I am doing right now (sitting on the couch watching SportsCenter whilst I type away). Below you can find the nerdy specs for the two or three of you that actually care:

2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1GB memory
120GB hard drive1
Double-layer SuperDrive

Two Things (Unrelated)

18 08 2007

-First of all as I logged into WordPress today I saw the usual links to “Blogs of Note” (or whatever they call them) and one of the ones for today was entitled “Robert E. Lee Quotes”. Wow talk about a page turner.

-Today is a VERY EXCITING day. I am heading to Birmingham to accomplish a mission I have wanted to undertake for quite sometime. Keep watching this space for more details coming soon.

-I finished HP and The Deathly Hallows this morning. Bravo. I am very very pleased with how it all ended. You may feel free to talk about it around me if you so desire.

PS–Ok, so that was three things. Sue me. I’ve never been good at math. 😉

Ahhh Summer…

14 08 2007

…PLEASE GO AWAY! After completing the 8th day in a row of 100+ degree temperatures I am utterly and completely ready for October (where here in Alabama it will probably be a balmy 85 degrees). Enough about the weather complaints, who do I think I am my grandfather?

This past weekend was the official end to the “Youth Group Summer” and I am a little sad to see it go. It has been a good summer filled with all kinds of things like Mission Trips, lunches with youth, Back to School retreat and so much more. It is going to be an exciting year for the Oasis Youth Ministry and I can’t wait to see what the fall brings.

Barry Bonds hit his record breaking 757th home run the other night and I have to say I did watch it in real time. Being a HUGE baseball fan I have to say I watched, like many in the country I am sure, with mix of bittersweet emotions. I was sad to see a record like Hank’s (755) fall to someone with a questionable past and ongoing debate about whether or not he cheated and used steroids. I do take solace in knowing that barring some kind of major injury there are a couple of different players who will almost assuredly blow past Barry’s record in the years to come. It was historical that is for sure and for that reason alone I am glad that I watched, but I will look forward to sharing the next historical breaking of that record some years down the road (maybe even with a little “Nick Jr.” watching along with me).

Classes start back for me in a couple more weeks and I am not yet excited. I have been really enjoying my summer off, but it is now back to the grindstone to continue onward and upward with my pursuits.

And now a quote from the greatest TV show of all time (Jason and Steph can back me up on this one):

“…’Joy cometh in the morning,’ scripture tells us. I hope so. I don’t know if life would be worth living if it didn’t. And I don’t yet know who set off the bomb at Kennison State. I don’t know if it’s one person or ten, and I don’t know what they want. All I know for sure, all I know for certain, is that they weren’t born wanting to do this. There’s evil in the world, there’ll always be, and we can’t do anything about that. But there’s violence in our schools, too much mayhem in our culture, and we can do something about that. There’s not enough character, discipline, and depth in our classrooms; there aren’t enough teachers in our classrooms. There isn’t nearly enough, not nearly enough, not nearly enough money in our classrooms, and we can do something about that. We’re not doing nearly enough, not nearly enough to teach our children well, and we can do better, and we must do better, and we will do better, and we will start this moment today! They weren’t born wanting to do this.”

-President Bartlett (West Wing) 

If You Did…

7 08 2007


…Today we are going to play a game. The game is called “If You Did…” for example (note: this is not actually the question for today), If you went out today and could buy yourself a brand new vehicle, cost not being a factor, what would you buy? Your answers go in my comment section. See, now that was simple and it will be fun because someone is going to say something silly like “A 2008 Ford Pinto” or maybe something deep and awesome like “A 2008 Prius Hybrid” (so very ‘green chic’). So here we go off to the game.

If you were to go out today and get a tattoo (assuming you don’t already have one or that you are adding to your collection) what and where would it be.

Editor’s note: This is a fantasy kind of game so if you aren’t the ‘tattooing type’ humor us and act like you are. Don’t be a “Prudey McPruderson” and say tattoos are for the devil and people who vote Democrat, play along and have fun. 🙂