Ten Years Gone

14 07 2007

Well it is Saturday afternoon and in a few short hours I will be somewhere I never really thought I might be. My TEN YEAR high school class reunion. Now don’t get me wrong it is not that I envisioned myself dead or decapitated and thus unable to attend the reunion when it rolled around, but I just didn’t know if I would care or not. To be 100% honest I’m still not sure if I really care, but I am going anyhow. I will certainly have a post about the event when I get back, but it may have to be ‘tape-delayed’ for one week, as I am going out of town.

First thing tomorrow morning Mrs. M and me and 2 other adults and 9 youth are departing for the mountains of Western North Carolina for a week of mission work at the Hinton Rural Life Center in Hayesville, North Carolina. This promises to be a great week or serving other people and relaxing in an environment that has approximately 200% less humidity that we do here in Alabama. Whilst we are away there is going to be a blog for you, my dear readers (the tens of you that I have) as well as the parents and the rest of the church family. The camp we are going to has wireless internet so I will be able to post pictures and updates each day of the work that is being done. Please check it out at youthmissiontrip.wordpress.com and be sure to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. See you next week!




5 responses

15 07 2007

Well, look at that, you aren’t too much older than I am. I was thinking you were 30, like Corey. I have my 10 year in 2010.

17 07 2007

I have been out 15 years WOW….

17 07 2007

Sweet! I am dying to hear all the news and see pictures. I hope you have some to post. Have a great trip and talk to you when you get back!

25 07 2007

How was your reunion?

I didn’t go to mine – it was last year. I was living at my parents’ with no clue about my future. I was also in the “is she pregnant or is she fat?” stage. Not the best time to relive high school.

25 07 2007

I know you’re back so post about the reunion!

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