As Plain As Black And White

17 06 2007


Well my friends the day has come that some of you thought might never be (especially those of you who knew me in the “T-Racer” days). It’s the end of an era. Yesterday June 16, 2007 I said goodbye to my friend “Eleanor” also known as my 2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. The time had come for something newer, safer, more easily driveable (Laura never got a fair shake at the 5 speed…that’s my fault), and under warranty. Eleanor had 125,000 miles on her and was starting to show wear that is typical with being almost 7 years old (bumper damage from an unfortunate animal encounter on Hwy. 82, the armrest had broken, the handle to the glove box had come off making it impossible to enter said box, etc…).

Here are just a few of the many highlights of my time with Eleanor (I’m sure you all could contribute many more):

-putting 200 miles on it the weekend I ‘test drove it’ by driving out to the Gates’ in Hope Hull 4 times

-it ALWAYS, even to the last day, smelled like a box of crayons inside

-the roady with Mr. & Mrs. G to S.C. for Corey and Heather’s wedding

-making my first solo drive to Illinois (750 miles) and making it each was in a cool 10 hours

-meeting the love of my life and having ‘Fireside Jams’ night where we sat out in my backyard in millbrook with a campfire and traded songs that have touched our lives (all of which played out of the Jetta’s sound system with all the windows open

-driving Mr. L around for his bachelor party (after which I was subsequently blamed and told I was “going to hell” by Mama L)

There have been years (6 and a half really) more memories than I could put in this blog, and not to get overly sentimental about a car, but I think we all agree cars can be a very consistent partner in our lives. Cars mark times past and herald dreams of the future.

Through a confluence of activity and deals that were available we were able to trade in Eleanor and get a nice new car that has many of the features that we really wanted for a great price. So without further ado I would like to introduce you to the next generation of Mielke family vehicles:

This is (name to be inserted here later). She is a 2007 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition 😀 (so sue me the apple doesn’t fall far from the assembly line).







7 responses

17 06 2007

I remember that road trip well. It is the reason I will never no never own a Jetta, cute as they may be. Riding for umpteen hours with two tall boys = 0 leg room for me.

Congrats on your new car.

17 06 2007

Congrats on the new car!! hope you have as many wonderful memories in the new as in the old

18 06 2007
Nick M.

Ah Steph the thing with NEW Jetta’s is that they are the same size as the old Passat’s so therefore there is much more room than what you remember from that long roady.

19 06 2007

Nice car. I fully expect a visit to my house soon!!!!!!!!! And by soon I mean this year.

20 06 2007

Does that mean you got an automatic??? I hope not. 😉

20 06 2007
Nick M.

Well yes it is an automatic.

20 06 2007

Bummer! We need to teach Mrs. M to drive a stick. Don’t you think?

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