A Mixed Bag

5 06 2007

It would seem that after I spend so much time harassing others for not writing on their blogs that karma has brought that favor back to me. So here goes a mix of what is happening lately:

-after the fervor of the Memorial Day Weekend “Hooters Incident” I have decided I don’t really have much to say on the subject other than this. It is fine to go to Hooter’s and eat if you want to,  you do need to know ahead of time where you are going and you need to expect that in an environment primarily consisting of men ogling women in short orange shorts that you might not be amongs the most respectful people in town. What is NOT to be excused is the quality of service that was received. If you are a manager of a restaurant and a server comes to you and asks you to come swipe your card in the system because you need to cancel NINE ORDERS of food, you’d best get your tail out to that table and find out what the problem is. We had none of that.

-Boot camp happened this morning. Laura is going 3 days a week to have ‘boot camp’ with a teacher friend of hers who is also an aerobics instructor. I decided to go this morning because it might be fun and I am always needing to get in better shape. After I had my “almost asthma attack” and got through the rest of the work out I was fine. What is going to stink will be tomorrow when all the muscles I used feel like they are on fire.

-Laura and I got to spend the day at Lake Martin on Saturday and it was a day filled with nothing but cruising around the lake on a boat. I LOVE THE LAKE. It was so good for my soul just to be out like that especially someplace that I love so much. I have so many fond memories of going up there with Lane and his family to stay at ‘the lake house’. What can I say, I love the lake.

-I am feeling kind of devoid of deep thoughts lately (not that I ever had any profound ones to start with), but I am enjoying reading everyone else’s blogs these days especially as we get some more debate going on politics and prayer and the nature of God and all those things I enjoy discussing.

-I guess that is it for now.

PS-I am still not in school and it is everything I hoped it could be.




One response

5 06 2007

—I am feeling kind of devoid of deep thoughts lately (not that I ever had any profound ones to start with)—

This is me lately, as well, as evidenced by my blog entries.

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