My Award Winning Blog

14 04 2007

That’s right folks. My blog has won an award. I would like to thank The Acadmey and more specifically Heather for awarding my blog the “Thinking Blogger Award”.



The quote that came with my award states as follows: “Nick and I pretty much never agree. That is not a bad thing, because he always gives me things to think about. We DO agree on a few things. One of those things being that my husband is simply awesome.”


I have to say that my blog lately has probably been lacking anything resembling deep thought (mostly just “here’s what is going on with me/I’ve lost something keys/debit cards, etc…”), but I will see if I can’t uphold award winning reputation here in the next little bit to give you all something to think about. Thank you Heather!


Having A Monday on A Tuesday

10 04 2007

Today didn’t start out as the best of days. After sleeping in longer than intended (that’s what happens when you hit “off” instead of “snooze” on your cellphone/alarm clock) I got up and go ready for work. As I prepare to leave for work I realize that I can’t find my car keys…either one of them. As I stated a few posts ago (a la the debit card at a theme park problem) this is not in my nature to lose things that I use on a constant daily basis. Knowing that I’ve done it twice now only serves to have that argument not hold as much water. My question is this…is my age finally catching up to me? I submit that it is not! I’m not that old…28 is not old. Apparently I am just not having a very organized streak right now, time to sack up and get my act together.

House progress is going along great. We close in just under 3 weeks and we are VERY excited.  Easter was good we spent some time in Selma with the fam, and also some good church time with Mrs. M’s sister as she was home from Ole Miss for the weekend.

Sopranos is BACK! It is the beginning of the end for Tony and the crew and it looks like the end is going to be a bumpy ride. For those of you that I frequently talk TV with you know how much I love The West Wing, but I have to say my all time favorite TV show EVER is The Sopranos. The drama, the grit, the humor, and the writers’ ability to make you have sympathy for someone who is a horrible human being and have you rooting for the cops to not catch him is fantastic.

Update and Baseball

6 04 2007


Mr. H called me out so I updated my links. If there is one that is wrong or off let me know in the comments and I’ll fix it too.

I am SO HAPPY it is now baseball season and to celebrate I am off to watch the defending champion Montgomery Biscuits chase their second title tonight. I’ll have a cold one for all of you (maybe collectively…otherwise that’s a lof of beer) and I’ll drop in tomorrow.

“Holy Crap its Holy Week”-2007 Edition

2 04 2007

Holy week 2007 has arrived and it is a wonderful time of year. The biggest downside to Holy Week is the fact that I have agreed, once again, to cook breakfast for the youth every morning this week. As a result of said breakfast cooking I will spend the entire week getting up at 5:00 a.m. to drive to ‘The Brook’ and cook some grub. Oh well. It is for a good cause, and it won’t kill me. Enjoy this week, and I will check in later.