The White Ghost That Haunts My Dreams

12 03 2007


For those of you who love beer as much as I do (and by that I mean quality NOT quantity) I implore you to immediately put down whatever you are doing and get yourself to the nearest place that carries Samuel Adams White Ale. White Ale is one of Sam Adams’ seasonal brews and it is one of the best beers I have EVER had. From the ‘witbier’ family this spring sensation is brewed using orange peel and corriander. If you like Blue Moon this is like the sexier older sister of Blue Moon that everyone has a crush on. If you live in Montgomery and want to have this experience then Bob Baumhower’s Wing’s has it on tap. If you live in Boston (and we all know who you are…cough Lane and Mary cough) you have no excuse to not try it (or even go TOUR THE BREWERY for crying out loud…you have no idea what a blessed place you are in to have that opportunity…DON’T BLOW IT). Anyhow. The beer was delicious, smooth, easy to drink (almost a little too easy), not filling at all. It really is something special. Thanks to  and the folks at Sam Adams for this tasty treat.




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12 03 2007


16 03 2007

We have White Ale on tap at Roma’s – it sells like magic.

16 03 2007

Yes… very good. Tried it the other night at some place in cambridge per your suggestion. Extremely good. I haven’t seen it on tap before recently… apparently it is the “Sam seasonal” this time of year. Try Allegash White if you ever get the chance. it is similar & very yummy.

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