It’s Been Far Too Long

26 02 2007

I am sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I have no excuses. Moving on.

This weekend was Mrs. M’s “Golden Birthday” (25 on the 25th). HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her first and foremost!!

Here’s just a basic rundown of some happenings and thoughts lately:

-Friday night we went to Montevallo to witness the final performance of the mighty Crosstown Sway. Luke Lucas is a rock star, and I really enjoyed being there and seeing him throw down. I am hoping that maybe we can jam out on some acoustic tunes sometime soon. I want to get back into playing my guitar, but I’m not good at playing by myself.

-My computer at work went through a massive reformatting process over the course of last week and so I am spending a lot of my day today trying to get it back up to speed with the programs I need and restoring the stuff I usually use on a day to day basis. Kind of tedious, but needed.

-The “year of fitness” is sort of plodding along right now. There have been marked improvements in things like my eating and drinking habits (much more water much less soda and sweet tea), and I have been trying to get to the gym consistently that is made all the more challenging by being in class two nights a week until 8:45 p.m. and at church on Wednesday night until 8:00. But I continue onward.

-I’ve been trying my best to get caught up on LOST so that I can watch the new ones when they are on TV right now. I’ve still got a ways to go, but the light in the tunnel is that Jackie and Luke may have the season 3 episodes I need to be all the way caught up.

-I think Al Gore is going to run for president again (and his vice president might even end up being Barack Obama). Gore is strong enough of a political force that he could even get in the game late (after Hillary and Barack have done whatever mudslinging at one another that they can) and still be an effective force to raise the funds and support to be a solid contender. All his face time in Hollywood is only serving to help him. I guess we will see.

-I need to be doing real work now, so I am done with this for now. Adios!




4 responses

27 02 2007
The Bean

Gore won’t be getting my vote if he decides to run. I think he is only concentrating on the environment so much now because it has become so popular in hollywood over the last few years. When he ran years ago he started with it being a platform and then dropped it because it wasn’t popular. Doesn’t seem like a promising way to run the government to me.

Glad you’re back to blogging though!

28 02 2007

I would like to say HOORAY!!! for getting done with Season 2 of LOST ….I know it was all you hoped for…..on to Season 3….Be warned though the beginning of 3 is a tad on the slow side!!!!!
I think we are now up to 2 great shows that I have turned you on to……that number does not include “Friday Night Lights”….
Al Gore?? Who is that ? Someone new to the field??

1 03 2007

Gore is not going to run, unfortunately. Which, might be good for him. Truthfully, many people see him as a hero right now for his Oscar win and all the work he’s been doing on the environment. He very well could have a much more valuable policy impact on this one issue than if he ran for pres. Of course, contrary to above comment (bean!), Gore has made the environment one of his top issues since the 70’s. One of the reasons he is such a qualified spokesman for the cause is that he was a spokesman long before any one else jumped on the bandwagon.

5 03 2007
The Bean

you’re not allowed to comment on my comments Mr. H until you return emails. 😉 And Bro. Bean, it’s been Far Too Long again since we heard from you. 🙂 I’m interested. And for Mr. H, my vote is currently going to Sen. McCain.

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