Bobbing for Apples in a pan of Pork and Beans

29 01 2007


If you read that title and didn’t even flinch then most likely you have spent some time in or around a youth ministry of some kind. The 4th annual Winter Retreat of the youth group at FUMC (and also DUMC, WUMC, and CHUMC) took place this weekend at a magical place known as Camp Hargis. The weekend was filled with all kinds of madness: people screaming at 5:00 in the morning while everyone is trying to sleep, playing a new game known as ‘pecker ball’ (think foursquare using your crotch instead of your hands), watching kids play really gross games (e.g. the title of this blog), and adults having probably WAY more fun than the kids did. All told it was  great weekend and it has wiped me out. I’ve got class in an hour and I am trying to wake up. More later!




2 responses

30 01 2007
The Bean

Loved the post. I’m glad the madness is over now and i look forward to more blogs to come.

30 01 2007

i remember last year’s winter retreat when late one of the nights we were talking about beer and ben harper and that one guy from the band got really uncomfortable and left. yeah…..these are the things i look back and enjoy remembering. pecker ball, eh? i just got a bad mental image of the gabinator getting all macho and trying to beat high school kids in pecker ball. thanks…

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