Highway to Health

22 01 2007

Sooooo…here’s what does not help “The Year of Fitness”…still not drinking enough water, drinking more “regular strength” (i.e. not diet…I don’t believe those processed chemical sweetners are a good substitute, it’s all about self control…which I clearly don’t have) soda that I should be, and eating food from a restaurant whose name sounds strangely similart to BacoTell at 8:45 on a Saturday night. I AM going to the gym tomorrow morning (and every ensuing morning this week because I have a VERY busy week with Winter Retreat looming on Friday. Somebody ask me about how it’s going, periodically through the week, I am going to need some support and encouragement (that being said Mrs. M does a GREAT job of encouraging me, but your help would be appreciated as well! Laters.




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