The Year of Fitness (a description)

3 01 2007


2007 is the year of fitness…yep that’s right you heard it here first. 2007 is the year of losing weight, lifting weights, and gaining weight (not a contradiction…muscle makes you gain weight and for guys that is okay).

My personal year of fitness (as somewhat detailed below) is not entirely about just lifting weights and running on a treadmill, it is about making healthy choices as pertains to food. Below are some of the things I am going to be working on:

Breakfast…I never used to eat breakfast, there is a little debate about this but the general concensus is that your body needs breakfast to get your metabolism going for the day. I am now becoming a breakfast man (unfortunately Krispy Kreme and pastries from Starbucks don’t count as good breakfast). So far a bowl of Kix and some O.J. is getting me started I am sure it will evolve from there.

Eating smart (nuts, fruit, trailmix, etc…) mid-morning/afternoon snacks helps eliminate cravings to munch on random office junk food (which can be abundant in church offices sometimes) and also helps prevent gorging during lunch and supper.

DRINKING WATER…I struggle with this more than anything else healthwise. I LOVE MOUNTAIN DEW, and I used to drink it the way I need to be drinking water. Water helps eliminate cravings to munch also (did you know on an average day 78% of Americans think that they are hungry when in actuality they are dehydrated and their body can’t recognize that?). I am now a water drinker.

Front load your carbs early in the day. Studies show that the majority of carbohydrates that you eat in your day should be at breakfast and lunch. Your metabolism is working faster early in the day and those carbs will be processed much more efficiently.

Self-control when eating. The SlimFast commercials don’t say “and then a SENSIBLE dinner” for the fun of it. Self-control is a major key to being healthy. The average American restaurant puts the equivalent of TWO servings on each entree plate it sends out. I shouldn’t feel compelled to eat it just because it is there.

Exercise is of course another very important aspect of being physically fit. Exercise and working out is different for everyone some people need more cardio and treadmill time while others (typically males can actually burn some of their fat through muscle growth). Regardless of the type of exercises you do, consistently doing them is what is most important.

This may not be the most detailed and complete list of a fitness regimen that you’ve ever read (heck you might not even consider it a ‘regimen’) but it is where I am starting. One of the other keys to this process is going to be (as my wise friend Jason put it) ‘not hating this’. I am not going to beat myself up if I have a soft drink or miss a day at the gym. I am going to continue on and continue to stick to my plan. The more something becomes an absolute (i.e. ‘you CANNOT have soda again EVER) the more likely you are to want it and go after it and then have guilt and other issues aftewards (it’s like prohibition only not). It’s a new year with new changes. Here’s to them!

(Oh yeah and with a New Year comes a new blog theme…go figure)



3 responses

4 01 2007

Just divide your body weight by two and drink that many ounces of water per day.

5 01 2007
John M.

Good plan. I am trying as well first step gym membership, second step eating right! I only really drink water and coffee so I already got you on that one 🙂 But you also have me by 50 pounds 🙂

16 01 2007

I feel the year of fitness! Chime in on my blog. I really want to hear what you think!!!

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