So this is Christmas…

28 11 2006

…we’ve finally reached the time of year where it is acceptable to be wishing people a “Merry Christmas” (lest the PC police strike–then it be “Happy Holidays”…I’m fine with either really). We’ve gotten past the joys of Turkey Day (unless you live in the McCarthy household, then it is “Pork on Rice and Potatos with Carrots Day) and can now break out the Christmas decorations (my tree went up the Friday after Thanksgiving…as it always will) and the Christmas Music as well. I love Christmas music and I enjoy making a new Christmas CD each year with songs, appropriate to the season, that I either have forgotten about or just discovered. This years disc will include two new finds from Jimmy Eat World. I discovered a couple weeks ago on iTunes that JEW has a Christmas EP with two songs entitled “If You Were Born Today” and “Last Christmas”, and they are both quite good. I don’t know if any of you are all that into Christmas music, but once I’ve completed “Nick’s Christmas Jams 2006” I will be glad to share it (just leave a request in the comments). Also if you have any suggestions for this year’s edition leave those as well.

Other things are happening at this wonderfully busy time of year. Most recently my brother, Andrew, became engaged to his wonderful girlfriend April. Also Brian and Stephanie are quickly going to be ready to bring Asher Paul into the world.

New lives of all kinds are beginning and that isn’t even the greatest thing about Christmas. The birth of a humble child into the arms of uncertain parents, and the ensuing display of unconditional love makes all that happens this time of year special. I hope we remember that.




3 responses

29 11 2006

Your post made me smile. 🙂

29 11 2006

Requesting Nick’s Christmas Jams, please.

29 11 2006

Nick’s Christmas Jams always rock……May I suggest anything by Sinatra. He has a version of Silent Night from 1992 or 1993 and it just makes your heart ache….

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