Bond Is Back

20 11 2006

Pop up your corn and kick back with some Twizzler’s it is time for a “Nick’s Flicks Movie Review”.


James Bond is back. With this weekend’s release of “Casino Royale” the 21st installment in the James Bond film anthology, it is very clear that everyone’s favorite secret agent is back with a vengeance. James Bond is played masterfully, in this film, by newcomer Daniel Craig (replacing a somewhat smarmy Pierce Brosnan). This movie gives a much needed revving of the Aston-Martin engine to this franchise that in recent years has missed its mark in making a realistic spy/action movie (reference the “invisible car” from Die Another Day). Perhaps the most outstanding feature in this newest Bond thriller is Bond himself. Daniel Craig plays James Bond the way he was meant to be portrayed. Tough, smirky, and somewhat detached. Watching the movie there are plenty of times when you get clear, almost vintage feeling, flashes of Sean Connery (the mark by which all Bonds will always be judged). The movie follows 007 at the earlier stages of his career as he becomes a “double-oh” and as we witness some events that go on to shape who he is. Some other highlights of the movie included: Judi Dench reprising her role as “M” (Bond’s superior at MI-6), the Aston-Martin (spectacular in any form), and Jeffrey Wright in a suprise cameo as a Bond compatriot from way back. Do yourself a favor (especially you guys out there) and go see Casino Royale. Now that Bond has turned 21 it looks like he has finally reached the appropriate age for that vodka martini (“Shaken or stirred, sir?”…”Do I look like I give a damn?”). Here’s hoping the powers that be will see fit to give us some more of this kind of Bond.



2 responses

21 11 2006

As I mentioned at coffee this morning Roger Moore is Bond to me …..but I can for sure see the uncanny similarities between Daniel Craig and Sean Connery. The whole film had a “Classic” feel to it …..
I really enjoyed it….

22 11 2006
John M.

Roger Moore? No way I like Pierce better than Roger. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I did love the movie and I think Daniel Craig does the part of James Bond a welcoming return to the old school style.

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