It’s Raining It’s Pouring…

15 11 2006


…if only I could be home snoring.

I haven’t updated in a week now so that means it’s time for some more banality from my world for you all to read about. As most of you were aware last Friday was my birthday (for those of you keeping score at home I am now 28 years young…”I was born in 1978…OH MY GOD!!”). I had a wonderful weekend spent with both friends and family, and Laura (whom we shall now acknowledge as “Mrs. Wonderful”) gave me an iPod for my birthday, and I am totally stoked about it!! Now I just need to get every accesorie ever made and then I’ll be set.

This weekend is the “Big Game”. Like every year Auburn fans started calling the radio shows and playing up the “poor timid us” card and acting like they might not win so that if they don’t then it doesn’t look like they are being cocky, they can then say “well we knew we were going to lose”. I say bump that. Auburn is going to thoroughly dominate this coming Saturday against Alabama and I will even go so far as to predict the final score will be Auburn 35 & Alabama 14.

Christmas is coming and I am VERY EXCITED. I love this time of year. And my first glimpse of seasonal joy came last Sunday morning when I stopped at Starbucks on the way to church and noticed that they have put up the “red menus” and the red holiday cups are now being distributed. Christmas music is right around the corner (which by the way I found two Jimmy Eat World Christmas songs on iTunes that I didn’t know existed but will be purchasing for “Nick’s Christmas Jams vol. 2006).

and Finally…

The new Foo Fighters CD “Skin and Bones” is EXCELLENT. It is a live acoustic CD filled with a few old favorites as well as more recent songs. The versions of “My Hero” (still my favorite Rock and Roll possibly of all time) and “Times Like These” both stand out even in their unplugged forms. Check it out.




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16 11 2006


That would be Bama 24, Auburn 21.

In OT.

I think I am the only person who picked Rutgers over Louisville, so I am the Authority.

I’m sure you’ll have fun and handle the loss well, seein’ as how you are 28 and all.

16 11 2006

And here I was thinking you were 29!!! Anyway you work that math though …I am still pushing 33 and 4+ years your Senior, YIKES!!

Auburn 23
Alabama 15

16 11 2006

This may sound crazy, but I swear that picture looks like it was taken in one of the “villages” of Mountain Brook in Birmingham. But it wasn’t, right? So where was it taken? Because now I need to know.

16 11 2006
Nick M

I don’t have the slightest idea where the pic came from I just did a random search on google for “rainstorm” and that is what came up. Who knows.

18 11 2006

It’s weird. This week is “The Game” (Harvard vs. Yale) and I am predicting the same score. Of course, Harvard = Auburn and Yale = Alabama. Those Yale bastards. Anyway,

Congrats on the iPod. Very posh. Also, there is a lady at my work that has a small pink boombox that she plays all the time. If that wasn’t enough, she has tuned into the one station that started playing Christmas music two weeks ago. Christmas music two weeks ago = bastards = Alabama. You see where I’m going.

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